CFHS Marriage Certificate List

This is a list of items held in the Library relating to the wills of over a thousand people (mainly in Cornwall). The list provides only basic information, as a means of directing further attention if desired. It comes from only a cursory look at the document. They vary greatly in age, legibility, readability and comprehension, so the data in the list is certainly not comprehensive (and sometimes is simply our best guess!).  Anyone interested in a particular character is well advised to look at the specific document.  The list is derived from one, some, or all, of the following types of document:

a) actual “Last Wills & Testaments” (original & photocopies)
b) court documents issued related to wills/probate
c) schedules of goods & chattels

Forename(s) Surname Will dated/date of Proof/Probate granted/Date of Death Parish of Residence Executor/Executrix Other persons mentioned Notes
John ADAM 1741 Gwinear George ALLANSON?
John ADAM 1693 Gwinear
John ADAMS 1678 Sancreed Sofia ADAMS, Elizabeth ADAMS Grace Luke, Mary DAVY
Samuel ADAMS 1856 Breage Mary ADAMS
Charles ALLEN 1825 St Ives Mary RALPH (wife), Charles, William & Joseph (sons)
John ANDREWARTHA 1793 Gwithian Thomasin MORELEY(?)(sister),William, John Arthur & Mary HURLEY
Philip ANDREWARTHA 1705 Phillack Mary & John ANDREWARTHA
Riegnold ANGOVE 1659 Phillack Samuel, Nicholas, Elizabeth (daughter), Alice(wife)
George ARNALL 1879 Redruth Elizabeth Ann,, Anna & Emma (daughters), John (son)
John AUNGER 1643 Linkinhorne
Sampson AUNGER 1724 Northill Sampson(son), Mary Doney, Grace & Susanna (daughters)
Hugh BARRATT 1783 Gwennap
Jane BARRATT 1739 Gwennap George ALLANSON James BARRATT
John BARRATT 1774 Gwennap Eleanor RICHARDS & Mary (sisters)
John BARRATT 1766 Gwennap John BARRATT(son) Hannah (wife), AllisaderBARRATT
John BARRATT 1717 Gwennap James  (son), William(g-son)
John BARRETT 1608 Gwennap
Peter BARRETT 1668 Gwennap Richard (son)
Emmanuel BASSETT 1754 St Ewe Thomas BASSETT Francis &Emmanuel(sons), Mary(wife)
Emmanuel BASSETT 1677 St Enoder Stephen(son), John & Thomas(g-sons), Jane & Ann(g-daughters)
John BASSETT 1798 St Enoder Alice HICKS(daughter), Margaret HARVEY & Philippa WILLIAMS( g-daughters)
John BASSETT 1787 St Enoder Thomas BASSETT William(son),Alice SWEET & Philippa(daughters)
Richard BASSETT 1795 St Enoder Emanuel BASSETT (son) Richard, John & Thomas (sons)
Stephen BASSETT 1686 St Enoder Katherine(wife)Grace (daughter), Richard BASSETT
Anthony BAWDEN 1735 Gwennap Jenifer HAMBLY (daughter), Antony & John (sons)
Beatrice BAWDEN 1949 Redruth Richard Henry (spouse)
Edmond BAWDEN 1705 Stithians Thomasine BAWDEN, Richard BAWDEN
Edmund BAWDEN 1676 Gwennap Joseph (son), Jane FRANCIS
Elizabeth BAWDEN 1763 Gwennap William TREGILLOCK(spouse), Catherine KENT,  Henry
Henry BAWDEN 1826 Gwennap William GOLDSWORTHY Elizabeth BAWDEN (daughter)
Lambert BAWDEN 1662 Gwennap
Lawrence BAWDEN 1745 Camborne Richard(bro), Anne GLANVILBONE(sis)Mary (mother)
Matthew BAWDEN 1742 Gwennap Anthony & Collan(brothers), Elizabeth(wife), Catherine(daughter)
Richard BAWDEN 1756 Stithians
Thomas BAWDEN 1728 Illogan Richard BAWDEN Richard, Thomas & Stephen (sons)
Thomas BECKALECK 1655 Penzance Joane (wife), Elizabeth & Jone(daughters), Oliver(brother), Thomas
John BENNATS 1813 Uny Lelant Elizabeth QUICK 9daughter), Edward(son)
John BENNATTS 1835 Breage Thomas (bro), John, Paul & William(sons)
Thomas BENNATTS 1825 St Ives Thomas & Phillip (sons), Charity BERRYMAN (daughter), Grace ROW
George BENNETTS 1780 Camborne Elizabeth, Grace,Jane & Mary(daughters), George (son)
Henry BENNETTS 1781 Camborne Henry & William(sons) Elizabeth (wife), Edmond(son)
John BENNETTS 1830 Camborne John SHEEPSHANK Mary (wife)
Thomas BENNETTS 1749 Breage Elizabeth (wife)
Thomas BENNETTS 1796 Breage Joan (wife); Joan WILLIAMS, Jane MARKS & Elizabeth EDWARDS (daughters), Thomas & John(sons)
Thomas BENNETTS 1832 Breage Thomas CURTIS & John GLAYSON Mary (wife) Elizabeth EDWARDS & Joan WILLIAMS (sisters)
William BENNETTS 1814 Illogan Conley (wife)
William BENNETTS 1822 Camborne Mary (sis) Henry (bro), Elizabeth PHILLIPS (sis)
William BENNETTS 1826 Camborne Jane (wife), William, James & John (sons), Elizabeth EVA (dau)
William BENNETTS 1792 Camborne William, Samuel & George (sons), Mary, Grace & Elizabeth (daughters)
Hercules BICE 1850 Gwennap Mary (wife)
James BICE 1769 Lamorran Elizabeth HENWOOD & Grace OLIVER (sisters), Luke & Michael(?) (Bros)
John BICE 1766 Feock John & Nicholas (sons) Catherine (wife), Catherine (dau)
Nicholas BICE 1769 Lamorran Luke (bro)
Thomas BICE 1728 Gwennap Mary (wife), Elizabeth & Mary (daus),
Thomas BICE 1743 Gwennap Mary (mother)
Thomas BLACKWELL 1749 Crowan Blanch (wife), Thomas (son), Elozia(dau)
Thomas BLACKWELL 1720 St Erth Priscilla (wife), Thomas & Richard (sons), Mary (dau)
Thomas BLACKWELL 1777 Crowan Thomas & Henry (sons)
William BLACKWELL 1749 Crowan Blanch Blackwell, Thomas Blackwell , Francis ROBINSON unreadable
William BLACKWELL 1666 Phillack
Walter BLAKE 1716 Week St Mary Jane (wife), John & Walter (son),  Jone & Jane BRAY (daus), Thomas (g-son)
Joel BLAMEY 1864 Illogan Harriet BLAMEY (neice), Joel (nephew), John & Philip (bros), Louisa
John BOASE 1681 Newlyn John TONKIN
Elizabeth BONALLACK 1639 Ladock Stephen BONALLACK, Ann (dau), Ann & Elizabeth (g-daus)
Joan BONALLACK 1610 Ladock George BONALLACK
John BONALLACK 1685 Ladock Richard EDWARDS Harry, Stephen & Matthew BONALLACK (bros), Mary CAXON (sis)
Mary BONALLACK 1699 Ladock Phillipa & Ann HAM, Joan & Elizabeth BONALLACK
Stephen BONALLACK 1684 Ladock John BONALLACK
Joan BOSKEENE 1638 St Just in Roseland John & Nicholas BOSKEENE
Lancelot BOSKEENE 1618 St Just in Roseland
Michael BOSKEENE 1676 St Just in Roseland June, Jane, Phillipa & Marjory (daus)
Ambrose BRAY 1707 Gwennap Elizabeth (wife), Richard BRAY (nep), Ann & Elizabeth BRAY
Ambrose BRAY 1685 Stithians John & Richard BRAY
John BRAY 1662 St Just(?) Mary & Jane(daughs), Stephen & Thomas(sons)
Thomas BRAY 1610 Gwennap Elizabeth (dau)
Thomas BRAY 1656 Gwennap John (son), Catherine (dau), Walter BRAY
Walter BRAY 1726 Gwennap Elizabeth BRAY
Walter BRAY 1679 Gwennap Martin, Richard & Walter BRAY (sons), Jone(?)(dau)
John BREAD 1738 Kea Julian(wife), Joseph(son), Jane HARRIS, Mary, Ann, Jennifer & Prudence (all daughs)
John BREWER 1892 St Mabyn Christiana(wife), George(bro), Thomas Salob LOBB(nep)
John BROKENSHAW 1833 Lanlivery Ann (wife), Jane RETALLICK, Ann UDY,Grace MOON, Philippa TINNEY, Peggy PENGELLY, Sally KEY & Mary HARRIS (all daughs), Joseph & William(sons)
John BROKENSHAW 1747 Roche Nicholas PHILLIPS
Joseph BROKENSHAW 1778 St Dennis John SLEECH
Elizabeth BROWNE 1655 ? Phillip JO…..
William BROWNE 1879 St Austell Elizabeth BROWNE
William BROWNE 1881 St Austell Henry BROWNE (bro)
Edward BUDGE 1683 Linkinhorne Edward & Thomas BUDGE (g-sons), John BUDGE
Edward BUDGE 1644 Linkinhorne Joanna BUDGE
Emanuel BUDGE 1692 Linkinhorne John ANITAS John GRUBODY (g-son), Thomas BRADLAKS
Emanuel BUDGE 1723 Linkinhorne Mary (wife)
Henry BUDGE 1690 Lewannick John Budge, William COOMBE, Sonny BROWNE
Joan BUDGE 1766 Linkinhorne Grace BUDGE & Christian SLEEP (aunts), Joseph & Jane Saunders, Mary KINGDON, Samuel SIBLEY, John Budge, Thomas KINGDON
John BUDGE 1646 North Hill Francis REYNOLDS Agnis BUDGE
John BUDGE 1692 Linkinhorne Anne BUDGE
John BUDGE 1760 Linkinhorne Elizabeth (wife), John & Elizabeth TRELAUR
John BUDGE 1660 Linkinhorne Elizabeth, Nicholas & Anthony SYMONS
John BUDGE 1674 Linkinhorne Emanuel BUDGE (bro), Mary BUDGE (dau), Jean GOODMAN
John BUDGE 1620 Linkinhorne Emanuel, John, Thomas & Elizabeth BUDGE
John BUDGE 1755 Linkinhorne Grace BUDGE (sis), Mary KINGDON &Joan BUDGE (daus), Richard BUDGE (bro)
John BUDGE 1692 Linkinhorne Joanne & Anne BUDGE (g-daus), Edward BUDGE
John BUDGE 1662 Linkinhorne John (son) Joanna GOODMAN & Agnis (daus) Inventory only
John BUDGE 1662 Linkinhorne Mary & Jane BUDGE (daus), Thomas Budge (son)
John BUDGE 1735 Linkinhorne Thomas & Anne BUDGE
John BUDGE 1734 Linkinhorne Thomas BUDGE (beo), Ann & Christian BUDGE (daus)
John BUDGE 1660 Linkinhorne Walter COOMBE William BUDGE
Katherine BUDGE 1639 North Hill Mary BUDGE,
Nycoll BUDGE 1616 Lewannick John, Francis & Sampson GRILLS
Peternell BUDGE 1677 Linkinhorne JA(?) PHILLIPS
Richard BUDGE 1664 North Hill Johan (?) (wife), Ann Elizabeth & Mary (daus), John (son)
Thomas BUDGE 1672 Linkinhorne  John BUDGE, Johan (sis), William BUDGE (bro)
Thomas BUDGE 1731 Linkinhorne Elizabeth KNEEBONE Bridgett (wife)
Thomas BUDGE 1707 Linkinhorne Thomas ROBERTS Joan(?) (dau),  John & Thomas (g-sons)
Thomas BUDGE 1688 Linkinhorne Johan (dau), John, William & Emanuel BUDGE, Thomas GOODMAN (godson)
Thomas BUDGE 1736 Linkinhorne John & Thomas (sons)
William BUDGE 1717 Linkinhorne Joan (wife), Thomas (son),Elizabeth (sis)
William BUDGE 1734 Linkinhorne Richard BUDGE(bro), Grace, John & Jane(?) BUDGE
William BUDGE 1683 Linkinhorne
Drew BUDNALLACK 1605/6 Ladock John (bro), Ellen (sis)
Ann BUNT 1726 Cardinham Elizabeth(dau in law)
Ann BUNT 1774 Cardinham John, William & Petherick (sons), Elizabeth(dau)
Elizabeth BUNT 1821 Warleggan Wlliam SHORT John(spouse)
Elizabeth BUNT 1855 Cardinham Thomas BUNT Thomas(bro), Mary ROWE,Ann COFFIN &Grace(sisters)
John BUNT 1832 Warleggan Ann(wife), William, John, Theo & Petherick (sons)
John BUNT 1851 Cardinham Joan(Wife)
John BUNT 1801 Warleggan Thomas & Richard(nephs)
Patrick (Petherick) BUNT 1722 Cardinham Petherick(g-son), Ann(wife), Elizabeth(dau)
Petherick BUNT 1763 Cardinham Anne(wife)
Petherick BUNT 1692(?) Cardinham Grace(wife), Petherick & John(sons), Grace & Ann (daus)
Petherick BUNT 1612(?) Cardinham William(bro), Grace, Ann, Elizabeth, Dorothy & Mary (sisters)
Thomas BUNT 1705 Cardinham William BUNT inventory only
Nicholas BURLEY Lanner William BURLEY Nicholas & William (sons), Joan, Elizabeth & Isabell (daus)
Nicholas BURLEY 1667 Kea Nicholas (son), Joan (?) (dau)
Sampson BURLEY 1684 Kea Marjory, Kathryn & Mary (daus), John(son), Nicholas(g-son)
John CALENSO 1739 Gwinear Elizabeth (dau)
John CALENSO 1748 Gwinear Richard PENTICOST Mary (wife), Honour (sis), Simon & Charles (nephs)
William CARBENCE 1713 St Buryan
Benedict CARBENS 1724 Illogan Peter LAWRENCE Samuel (son), Margaret(dau), benedict & Samuel (g-sons), Ellinor(g-dau)
William CARBINE 1771 Kenwyn John SLEECH William(son)
Henry CARBINES 1852 Phillack Mary CARBINE(mother)
Richard CARBINES 1841 St Hilary Mary CARBINE Henry (son), Alfred & Richard (g-sons)
Thomas CARBIS 1823 Kenwyn Grace(wife), Frances(dau), Marcia CARBIS
Emmeline CARDELL 1925 Newquay Thomas John HICKS(nep), Emma PICKFORD(neice)  Mabel Josephine PACKMAN & Rosalind PAPPIN(neices),  Christina OLD(servant)
William CHELLEW 1837 Ludgvan Joseph CHELLEW Mary Ann, Elizabeth & Jennifer (daus), Joseph (son)
Thomas CHIVERTON 1604 Paul William(bro), Grace, Ann, Elizabeth, Dorothy & Mary (sisters)
Hugh CICELY 1789 St Ives Elizabeth (wife), Hugh (son Elizabeth, Jane & Mary (daus)
John CLEMANS 1749 Phillack Mary(wife), Christopher, Richard & John(sons)
Elizabeth CLEMENCE 1799 Phillack Mary CARDELL, Elizabeth HARRIS & Welmot HARVEY (daus)
John CLEMENCE 1770 Crowan Alice (wife), Alice (dau), Mary Williams (dau)
Margery CLEMENCE 1775 Gwinear Margery STEPHENS(dau)
Reginald CLEMENCE 1776 Crowan Elizabeth (dau) Richard, John & Joseph (soons)
Richard CLEMENCE 1729 Crowan Sarah (wife), Jiohn (son)
Nicholas CLEMOE 1711 St Enoder John & Francis (sons), Jone & Jane (daus), Frances (dau-in-law)
William COATH 1680 Newlyn Zenobia COATH
Alice COCK 1759 Gwithian William COCK
Bennett COCK 1722 Gwithian Ann (wife),  Richard(son)
Bennett COCK 1701 Gwithian John, Bennett & William (sons), Ann & Elizabeth(dau) inventory only
Henry COCK 1767 Gwithian Elizabeth  (wife)
Henry COCK 1615 Gwithian William & John (sons), Ann (dau)
Jane COCK 1721 Gwithian Elizabeth, Margery, Ann & Jane (daus), John(g-son)
John COCK 1749 Gwithian William(bro), Margaret, Ann & Jane (sisters), Bennett(neph)
Mary COCK 1660 Gwithian John (son), Grace & Elizabeth (daus)
William COCK 1762 Gwithian Alice (wife), Jane, Mary & Ann (daus)
William COCK 1645 Gwithian Mary(wife), Christopher, Richard & John(sons)
William COCK 1761 Gwithian William (son), Mary & Elizabeth(daus)
James COCKE 1617/18 Gwithian
Leslie COOK 1955 Redruth Charles THOMAS, Beatrice KENT Reg COOK & Ruby RALLEY(cousins), William Kent, Rashleigh SMITH, Thurstan Charles THOMAS
Peter COPER(COPPER) 1653 Gwennap Mary(wife), John (son), John (bro)
John CORNISH 1856 Calstock Ann (wife) William Tucker(son in law)
Peter CORYTON 1552 Cornwall Joane (wife)
Honor COURTENAY 1842 Truro Matthew & Richard (sons), Philippa, Ann & Mary GRENFELL (daughs)
Matthew COURTENAY 1821 St Clement Honor (wife)
Avis COWLING 1730 Madron John (son), Mary, Elizabeth ,Avis & Phillipa (daughs)
Tobias COWLING 1714 Madron Tobias (son), Mary, Elizabeth ,Avis & Phillipa (daughs)
Mary CULLIS 1773 Lanlivery MordecaI & Richard TRELIVING (gsons), Honor TRELIVING (dau), Elizabeth TRELIVING (g-dau)
Richard CULLIS 1766 Lanlivery Mary (wife), Richard & William (g-sons)
Richard CULLIS 1725 Lanlivery William, John & Richard (sons), Mary & Grace(daughas)
Thomas CULLIS 1603 St Blazey Thomas, RichardjOHN, Bennett, Henry & Robert (all sons),Thomasin
Thomas DANIEL 1743 Ruanhighlanes John & Richard (sons), Mary ODGER (dau), Richard & Nicholas (g-sons), Elizabeth, Anne & Cobola(?) (g-daughs)
Reginold DANYELL 1614 Sancreed
Edward DAWE 1664 North Hill Richard (son)
Gentill DAWE 1662 North Hill
Jane DAWE 1617 North Hill John, Johan(?)(dau)
Joan DAWE 1664 North Hill Johan (dau, William, Jane
John DAWE 1615 North Hill Walter (son), Harvey(dau), William (bro)
John DAWE 1621 North Hill
Roger DAWE 1647 Linkinhorne
Thomas DAWE 1602
Thomas DAWE 1640 Linkinhorne
Walter DAWE 1638 North Hill William (son), Joan (dau)
William DAWE 1681 North Hill Robert DAWE, Johanna & Jane (daughs), William DAWE, John DAWE
William DAWE 1646 North Hill
William DAWES 1662/3 Marazion
John DINNIS 1782 Kenwyn John (son), Joan (dau)
Gregory DONITHORNE 1678 Phillack Ann (wife)
Gregory DONITHORNE 1753 Gulval Margaret(wife)
James DONITHORNE 1773 Marazion Edward (bro)
James DONITHORNE 1848 Phillack Grace(wife), Mary TREWHELLA & Caroline HOSKIN (daughs), Samuel (son)
John DONITHORNE 1732 Gulval Gregory(son), Jane (dau)
Richard DONITHORNE 1669 Gulval no actual will
Phillip(pa) DOUT 1690 Constantine William, John, Jane & Nicholas DOUT
Elizabeth DOUT GUNDRY 1912 Falmouth Frederick COX
Margory DUNN 1736 St Erth Charles FLEETWOOD William (spouse)
Edward DUNSTAN 1908 Gwennap Mary OLIVER Eliza, Jane, Paddy & Edward (children), Elizabeth Ann BAWDEN, Mary OLIVER
John DUNSTAN 1798 Stithians John THOMAS Elizabeth(wife), Ann(g-dau)
Mary DUNSTAN 1797 Stithians George MOORE James(spouse dcd)
Thomas DUNSTAN 1784 Stithians John SLEECH Ann (dau), Anthony(?)(son), John(father)
Hugh DUNSTONE 1679 Stithians Michael, James & Thomas (sons)
John DUNSTONE 1682 Stithians Anna & Ellen(sis) , William WILLIAMS
Thomas DUNSTONE 1696/97 Stithians Mary, Sophia(?), Alixce & Elizabeth(all daughs)
william DUNSTONE 1688 Stithians James & Elizabeth DUNSTONE Jane, Alice, Pricilla & Elizabeth(daughs), Cullen & James(sons), Elizabeth(wife)
William DUSTIAN 1662/63 St Hilary Thomas(son), Ann(dau)
James EASTLAKE 1708 Camborne Thomas EASTLAKE
Robert EASTLAKE 1619 Bodmin Walter, Thomas & Robert(sons)
Thomas EASTLAKE 1616 Bodmin Maureen(?) & Elizabeth(daughs), Thomas and ? (sons)
Peter EATHORNE 1689 Sithney Joanna (Mother), John(bro)
Henry EDMUNDS 1761 Marazion John SLEECH Edward, Henry
Jane EDWARDS 1609 Mawgan in Meneage
Joan EDWARDS 1660 St Just in Penwith Marjory(DAU), Thomas & William JOHN(g-sons), Marjory(g-dau)
John EDWARDS 1605 St Just in Penwith William (son)
Thomas EDWARDS 1656 St Just in Penwith Mary(dau), Marjory
Thomas EDWARDS 1693 St Just in Penwith Mary(wife), Edward & John
James ELLIS 1699/1700 Camborne Ann(wife), Marjory, Mary, Miriam & Almay(daughs)
John ELVANS 1700 Newlyn Elizabeth(dau), Edward TRENERRY(godson)
Estelle ESLICK 1975 Redruth William BURROWS, Herberty ESLICK Herbert(spouse), Caroline, Lillian COOMBR, June SELWOOD, Lillian Doreen WILLS, Clifford ESLICK, Jessie ROWE
John EUSTICE 1846 Breage John EUSTICE(son) Catherine(wife0, Grace(dau)
John EUSTIS 1828 Crowan Patience EUSTIS
Richard EUSTIS 1853 Crowan Landes, Carnes & Vivian Mary(wife), John, William & James(sons), Margaret, Grace, Mary & Ann(daughs), William(g-sonj), Grace(g-dau)
walter FAVELL 1662 Perranuthnoe
Thomas FLEMING 1631/32 Madron Elizabeth FLEMING
Thomas FLEMING 1682/83 Madron Mary(wife), Christopher &Nicholas(sons), Cordellia(dau),
Thomas FLEMING 1662/63 Madron Mary(wife), John Fleming
Benjamin FOX 1814 St Germans Elizabeth(wife dcd), Francis, Joseph Scantlebury, Benjamin & Stephen Francis FOX(all sons), Hannah Fox(dau)
Francis FOX 1778 St Germans Hannah(wife), Benjamin(son, Stephen Francis(son)
Hannah FOX 1782 St Germans Stephen Francis FOX & Benjamin FOX Mary Hancock & Ann BRUCE(daughs), Stephen & Benjamin(sons), George Fox BRUCE(g-son)
Nicholas FOX 1709 Gulval Elizabeth, Mary & Marjory(daughs), Edward & Nicholas FOX (g-sons)
Stephen Francis FOX 1816 St Germans Francis GL:ANVILLE & John ALLEN Mary Ann BRUCE(neice), Benjamin FOX(neph), James & John RENTON
John FRANCIS 1656 Perranarworthal John & Nicholas(sons), Mary & Elizabeth(daughs)
John FRANCIS 1731 Gwennap Ursulah
John FRANCIS 1653 Gwennap
John FREDERICK 1848 Camborne William John PHILLPOTS Fanny(wife)
Marratt FURSE 1677 Madron
William GATLIFFE 1623 Truro William, Elizabeth, Jane
Arthur GENDALL 1691 St Just in Penwith Margaret(wife), Thomas, Arthur & James(sons)
Thomas GENNINGS 1627 Breage John PELLOW William(bro), Alexander HARVY, Jane HARVY
Mary GLASSON 1825 Crowan Mary & Ealner(daughs), Henry & Robert
James GLUYAS 1809 Wendron Saul(?)(wife)Oliver(son), Oliver & James(g-sons)
William GOAD 1731 Gwennap William & Harold GOAD Katherine(wife), William(son), Katherine(dau)
John GOLDSWORTHY 1806 Wendron John(son), Constance, Elizabeth, Jenifer & Patience(daughs), Elizabeth Whitfort(?)(g-dau) inventory only
James GOLLY 1738 Gorran John GOLLY James & John(sons), Zenobia, Mary & Dulcey(daughs)
George GOODELL 1602 St Just in Penwith Ellen(wife)
Emily Chalmers GOSS 1930 Abergavenny formerly Bodmin
James GREY 1745 Stithians James and wife John & Thomas, Julian, Elizabeth & Mary(duaghs), Elizabeth MICHALL(g-dau)
Henry GUNDRY 1785 Sithney Avis WATERS, Margaret PRIDEAUX & Christian WATERS(all daughs), John, Joseph , Benjamin & Henry(sons)
Thomas GUNDRY 1888 Camborne John HOSKING, Thomas CARTER John, Thomas & Nicholas (sons), Mary (wife)
Thomas GUNDRY 1888 Camborne John HOSKIS, Thomas CARTER John, Thomas & Nicholas GUNDRY probate
Matthew GWENNAP 1714 St Just in Penwith Elizabeth(wife), John & James (sons), Elizabeth Edwards(dau)
John HALL 1731 St Austell Elizabeth HALS Erlizabeth(wife)
Elizabeth HALLS 1750 St Austell William(son), Jane, Grace & Ann(daughs), John(g-son)
Jacob HALLS 1722 Rocche Margaret HOARE
John HAMBLY 1618 Bodmin Margaret HAMBLY
Reginald HAMBLY 1605 Lanreath
John HARDING 1889 Bodmin Mary Ann HARDING, Albertina Annie HARDING Elenor
Benjamin HARRIS 1721 Kenwyn Mary Ann GARLAND, Jane BUSCOMBE, Matilda Kate ROWE
Edmund HARRIS 1780 Gwennap Agatha HARRIS Edmund, Alice, George, Elizabeth, Agatha, John, Grace & Ann HARRIS
James HARRIS 1632 St Keverne
Jane HARRIS 1745 Illogan Stephen HARRIS
John HARRIS 1724 St Keverne Catherine(dau), Elizabeth MITCHELL 9dau), Robert (son)
John HARRIS 1726 Gwennap Elizabeth HARRIS
John HARRIS 1622 St Keverne Elizabeth(wife), William  & Harriet HARRIS
John HARRIS 1669 Gwithian Richard HARRIS Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Amy &Frances HARIS
John HARRIS 1738 Veryan George CLAWSON(?) Jane HARRIS
John HARRIS 1679 St Keverne Jane, Mary & Elizabeth (daughs), John, James & George(sons) Thomas was a tanner
Miriam HARRIS 1758 Camborne Charles (bro), Charity(sist), Ann(sis in law), Charles ELLIS, John ELLIS
Thomas HARRIS 1700/01 Camborne John HARRIS, Elizabeth DAVEY,……..DAVEY, “Herssy”
Thomas HARRIS 1742 Camborne John, Margery, Prudence, Francis, Ann &Cordelia HARRIS inventory only
Thomas HARRIS 1723 Kenwyn Margaret HARRIS probate
William HARRIS 1816 Rosewarne Mary HARRIS AMY HARRIS (nee HARVEY) Wilmot, Grace & Wiiliam & John HARRIS, Jane & Benjamin HEARNE, Humphry HARVEY,Joel LEAN, Edward William HARIHOUSE,John TREMENHEERE Davies GIDDY, Nicholas TRYTHALL, Mary MATTHEWS, Christian STEVENS, Henry HARVEY, William & Jane WOOD, Robert BENNETT.
Thomas HARRIS alias TREBARVA 1619 St Keverne
Cornelius HARVEY 1633 Gulval Mary(wife)
Jane HARVEY 1770 Sancreed James ROWE, Richard HARVEY9bro), James TONKIN, James, Francis & John(nephs), Grace& Mary(neices)
Martin HARVEY 1780 Sancreed Mary(dau), Peter(son), Thomas, Robert & Martin(g-sons)
Nicholas HARVEY 1739 Veryan Catherine(wife), William & John(sons), Ann, Catherine & Dorothy (daughs)
Peter HARVEY 1713 Sancreed Elizabeth HARVEY
Peter HARVEY 1714 Sancreed Jane(wife), Martyn HARVEY
Peter HARVEY 1797 Sancreed Martin HARVEY, Mrs Hannah MILLET(?), Thomas WALLIS, Mary HARVEY
Richard HARVEY 1732 Gulval Jennifer(wife), Jennifer, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Joan & Thomasin(daughs), John, Francis & Richard (sons)
Francis HOCHYN 1717 Phillack Catherine(wife), Charles & Thomas(bros)
John HOCKEN 22/11/1754 Illogan John HOCKEN
John HOCKEN 1765 Gwithian Anne HOCKEN, Benjamin HOCKEN, Blanche PHILLIPS, Jane HARRIS, Richard PHILLIPS, Phillip ANDREWARTHA
Amy HOCKIN 1736 Camborne Bartholomew & Francis HOCKEN, Margaret ROGERS
Bartholomew HOCKIN 1779 Camborne Grace, Lancelott, William & Lancelott MOCK
Francis HOCKIN 1729 Camborne Amy(wife), Francis & Bartholomew(sons), Margaret & Elizabeth(daughs)
Francis HOCKIN 1689 Gwithian Ann (wife), Francis(son), Grace & Elenor(daughs)
Honour HOCKIN 1798 Illogan William JENNINGS Grace(g-dau), William, Thomas & John(g-sons)
Jane HOCKIN 2/10/1754 Gwithian William COCK
John HOCKIN 1778 Illogan John SLEECH Blanch(wife)
John HOCKIN 1739 Phillack Catherine(wife),, John(son), John & William (g-sons), Alice , Grace & Mary( daughs)
John HOCKIN 1737 Phillack Elizabeth & Grace(daughs), Thomas(bro)
John HOCKIN 20/5/1779 William HOCKIN ElizabethHOCKIN, Mary Wilfoed, Elizabeth WILFORD, George & Jane WHITE
John HOCKIN 1763 Phillack John SLEECH Esther(?)9wife)
John HOCKIN 1661 Camborne John LARKIN9g-son)
John HOCKIN 22/1/1706 Gwithian Willm & Charles HOCKIN John, Elizabeth, Grace, Richard, Thomas, Francis & Allis HOCKIN
John HOCKIN 1769 Camborne Susanah(wife), Honopur(dau)
Oliver HOCKIN 1777 Gwithian Faith HOCKIN,
Thomas HOCKIN 1729 Illogan Elizabeth, Roger, John & Thomas HOCKIN and Jane & Elizabeth (grandchildren)
Thomas HOCKIN 1773 Illogan Thomas HOCKIN, Jane MARTYN, Honor PRISK, Elizabeth ANGOVE
Vincent HOCKIN 1705 Camborne Honour(wife), Honour(dau)
Vincent HOCKIN 1636 Camborne Margaret, Jane, Grace & Mary (daughs)
William HOCKIN 1822 Kenwyn Catherine(wife). John HOSKIN
William HOCKIN 1818 St Gennys William SHORT Martha HOCKEN
William HOCKIN 1757 Gwithian William, Elizabeth, Jane & Grace HOCKEN
Faith HOCKING 1782 Gwithian John(son), Jane, Faith, Elizabeth, Grace & Mary (all daughs)
Haughton HOCKING 1735 Camborne Nicholas HOSKING Francis(bro), Hounour(sis)
John HOCKING 1813 Kenwyn Catherine HOCKING Catherine(dau), Elizabeth MITCHELL 9dau), Robert (son)
John HOCKING 1749 Illogan John SLEECH Elizabeth(wife)
John HOCKING 1691 Illogan Elizabeth(wife), John & William(sons), Kathryn & Winifred(daus)
John HOCKING 1730 Camborne Grace(wife)
Oliver HOCKING 1768 Gwithian John SLEECH Faith(wife)
Samuel HOCKING 1827 Camborne Jane DANIEL(sis) CatherineHOCKING, Joseph(bro) Samuel(neph)
Thomas HOCKING 1633/34 Gwithian Frances(wife)
Vincent HOCKING 1635 Illogan Robert HOCKING & Henry CRAZE John(son),
John HOCKING (alias POST) 1691 Camborne
John HODGE 1655 John HODGE
John HORNDON 1655 Landulph John HORNDON
Martin HOSKEN 1869 W Australia Thomas BUNDES, Charles CROWTHER, Agnes Catherine HOSKEN
John HOSKING 1832 Camborne Samuel McLEAN Mary
Henry HUTHNANCE 1716 Gwinear Elizabeth & Ann?
Henry HUTHNANCE 1742 Gwinear Mary & Elizabeth ?
Henry INCLEDON 1792 Sampson & James PEARSE(nep), Mary KEVERN(n)Jane & Susannah JENKYN(n), Mary BARKER(n), Elizabeth JENKYN(sis,)Jane & Mary BOULDEN(c), Margaret INCLEDON©, Bartholomew, John, Henry & Caeb INCLEDON,Mary ELLAN, Mary JAMES, William PEARSE, Mary GORDON, Elizabeth HARRIS(n), Richard HARRIS and others in the MOYLE Collection
Ann INGERSOL 1847 Budock Jane JACKSON, James LANDER, James HENDALL, Philip Riley INGERSOL, John & Mary CURRAH.
Erichard JAMES 1668 Sithney
Jane JAMES 1823 Helston
William JAMES 1834 Helstone
Richard JEFFERY 1683 Gwennap Elizabeth JEFFERY
Bennet JENKIN 1660 Breage Katherin JENKIN
John JENKIN 1731 Wendron Thomas JENKIN John, Samuel & Benjamin JENKIN, ANN & Mary JENKIN
William JENKIN 1776 Wendron William, William,  Joan & Dorothy JENKIN
Alice JENNINGS 1851 St Ives Phillis GIBBS Mathew TREWHELLA, Mary STEVENS, Elizabeth Ann HENWOOD
Benjamin JENNINGS 1852 Kea Samuel TRESIDDER Christian JENNINGS
Dorothy JENNINGS 1673 Towednack William JENNINGS, W J PAYNTER
Elizabeth JENNINGS 1839 St Just E W TRESIDDER Francis JENNINGS< Ephaim MAJOR, John & Grace MAJOR
Elizabeth JENNINGS 1706 Gwennap John PHILLIPS Thomas & Mathusela JENNINGS, Mary & Margaret ?
Francis JENNINGS 1835 St Ives Eliza JENNINGS
Francis JENNINGS 1743 St Ives Francis & Sarah JENNINGS just a list of possessions
Francis JENNINGS 1782 St Ives Francis ADAMS, John STEVENS, ANN HICKES Margaret JENNINGS
Francis JENNINGS 1880 St Ives Mary Ann JENNINGS, Francis & John JENNINGS, Mary Ann STEVENS
John JENNINGS 7/8/1834 Crowan Mary Ann JENNINGS
John JENNINGS 3/8/1725 Uny Lelant John HOSKEN, Sarah, William& Thomas JENNINGS
John JENNINGS 4/4/1842 Gwinear Mary JENNINGS Tobias & Ralph JENNINGS, Wilmoy BLEWETT
John JENNINGS Gloucester ?
Maria JENNINGS 3/8/1846 St Ives Ann TREWHELLA, Alice JENNINGS, Elizabeth SINCOCK Moses MARTIN, Jane QUICK, Mary STEVENS
Matthew JENNINGS St Ives Mary, William & George JENNINGS William POLKINGHORNE, Thomas BOTTRELL, Job STEVENS, Mathew, Robert, Richard & ElizabethJENNINGS
Richard JENNINGS 1655 Ludgvan Robert JENNINGS
Richard JENNINGS 22/5/1816 St Ives James ROSEWALL, Roger WEARNE Richard JENNINGS, Henry CARE, James QUICK, Christopher TREWHELLA, George ROW, Henry ROW, Alice ROW, Mary ROW, Mary HARRIS, Elizabeth HARRIS, William HARRIS, Ann TREWHELLA, Elizabeth JENNINGS, Maria JENNINGS, Alice JENNINGS
Robert JENNINGS 9/5/1777 St Ives Richard & Mary JENNINGS James ROSEWALL, Richard, JENNINGS, John LEY, ANN JENNINGS, Mary STEPHENS, J A WILLIS, Richard UREN
Robert JENNINGS 07/07/1906 St Ives Sarah Ann JENNINGS William JENNINGS, W J PAYNTER
Thomas JENNINGS 3/12/1700 St Ives Annee JENNINGS
Thomas JENNINGS 1678 Perranarworthal Elizabeth JENNINGS
Thomas Bryant JENNINGS 18/7/1887 St Ives Prudence Ann JENNINGS
William JENNINGS 19/5/1704 St Ives Elizabeth JENNINGS, Mallhew JENNINGS
William JENNINGS 1645 Breage William CARPENTER, Thomas CORNISH, Nicholas JENNINGS, William TREGOSTHA, James P…….., Mary?, Ann CARA, Thomas JENNINGS, John BUSKETT, Ann SCOLLER, Phillip ARKELL, Pascoe CHAMPION.
Grace JEWEL 1758 Wendron John JEWEL
Elizabeth JOBE 1822 Gwennap John WALLIS William CURTISE, John ?
Oliver JOHN 1668 St Levan Thomas & Elizabeth OLIVER
Thomas JOHN 1605 St Levan
Thomas KELLY 1825 Stoke Climsland Thomas, Arthur, William & Susan KELLY, Pendell MILLS, William & Elizabeth WOOLRIDGE
Robert KEMPTHORNE 1735 Mullion Dorothy KEMPTHORNE, Jane & Philippa KEMPTHORNE,William & Richard ?, Philippa WILLIAMS
Benjamin KENT 1757 St Dennis Benjamin, John, Jane & Mary KENT
Grace KENT 1732 St Dennis Nicholas, John, Mary, Elizabeth & Joan KENT
John KENT 1761 St Dennis Jacob SLADE John, Nicholas,Jane & Elizabeth KENT
John KENT 1717 St Dennis Rachel & Joan KENT
Robert KENT 1715 St Dennis Grace KENT
John KERKEN 1699 Gorran Richard, Thomas & Charles HOSKEN, Frances & Jane KERKEN
Daniel KINGDOME 1655 Truro (?) Susan(?) KINGDOME
Thomas KINGDOME 1841 Phillack Phillis, Thomas & John KING
Walter KINGDON 1515 Lichfield REEDS Friars of Truro, Church of Exeter, Margaret TREGIAN, Agnes MAY
Alexander KITCHEN 1678 Breage
Francis KITCHEN 1738 Germoe Elizabeth CORNISH, Catherine RICHARDS
George KITCHEN 1680 Germoe Margaret KITCHEN
John KITCHEN 1723 Germoe Elizabeth CORNISH, James RICHARDS
Peter KITCHEN 1748 Germoe Elizabeth, Margaret,Peter & Robert KITCHEN
Robert KITCHEN 1752 Germoe Christian SAMPSON
Robert KITCHEN 1730 Germoe Thomas & Margaret KITCHEN
Warin KITCHEN 1671 Germoe Margaret & Grace KITCHEN
Anne KNAVE 1681 Kenwyn Richard & Kathowin MICHOLL
Henry KNAVE 1672 Kenwyn Katherine & Katherine KNAVE
Christopher KNEEBONE 1690 ruro Joan, Thomas & Charles KNEEBONE
John KNEEBONE 1614 Feock Elizabeth KNEEBONE
Thomas KNEEBONE 1743 Gwennap John SLEECH Christopher KNEEBONE, John KENT
Thomas KNEEBONE 1779 Gwennap John SLEECH Christopher KNEEBONE, John KENT
Phillip LANDER 1733 St Stephen by Saltash
Robart LANDER 1838 Penzance
Phillip LAUNDER 1627 St Stephen by Saltash Agnes & Margaret(d), Agnes(w), John(s)
Robart LAUNDER 1611 Egloskerry
William LEANE 1738 Gwennap Elizabeth GAIBBLE(d), Joan JOB(d) Alice LEPING(dil)Grace(d), Joan(w)
Marjine Elvira Joan LOBB 1978 Truro John Howard LAWRENCE Colin Hugh SCOTT
Sir John MacLEAN 1895 Bristol Mary(w) Benjamin(b), henry(n), Alexander, Blanch(n)
John MARKE 1655 Gwennap
Henry MARKE 1719 Roche Embling(w), Thomas & Phillip(b), Joan(s), William(n), Ann
John MARKE 1713 Roche Julia(w)
Thomas MARTAIN 1778 Roche Henry MARK, John JAMES, Darkes & John COOK, ……..BULLOCK(niece), John BILLKEY
Robert MARTIN 1762 Wendron John, William & Robert(sons), Alice & Ann (ds),  Jane(w) in the MOYLE Collection
Robert MARTIN 1739 Sithney Elizabeth M…. (MARTIN?) Elizabeth BRAY(s), in the MOYLE Collection
Margery MARTIN 1671 Gulval ? GILL(sil), Thomas(n), Martin MARTIN, Richard MARTIN Margery JENKIN(g-d), Agnes
Henry MARTIN 1922 Moouta , S. Aus John, Frederick, Thomas & Henry(s) Mary& Edith(d), Herbert Augustus(s), Julia Catherine(d)
Thomas MARTYN 1819 Calstock Richard, William & Thomas Breen(s), Elizabeth(d), Mary(w)
Mary MARTYN 1847 Calstock John BARLEY formerly John MARTYN, Mary Williams(d), Henry WILLIAMS(sil) Edward(s)
Christopher MATTHEW 1699 St Leven John(b) Maudlyn(m), Jane(s), John SIMMONS(b-i-l), Ann(s)
Philip MATTHEW 1684 St Leven Maudlyn
Christopher MATTHEW 1699 St Levan Maudlyn(m), Ann(s), john(b), Jane SIMMONS(s), John SYMONS(bil)
Philip MATTHEW 1694 St Levan Maudline MATTHEW
Richard MATTHEW 1700 St Keverne Richard & William(s), Avis(d), Avis(w)
James MATTHEWS 1679 St Keverne Jane TR….(d), John TR….., James & Matthew(s), James(g-s), Mary(g-d0
Henry MATTHEWS 1695 St Keverne William(s), Joan(s), Anne(m), Abraham, & Sampson(b), Matthew(s)
John MAY 1785 St Keverne
John MAY 1739 Tabitha(w) Oliver, John Anthony(s), Elizabeth(d) Mary WILLIAMS(d), Tabitha(d), Elizabeth MAY, John MAY, Yhomas LIBBY(sil)
JOHN MAY 1700 St Austell Joseph MAY Elizabeth ROBINS
Dorothy MAY 1740 Feock Stephen MAY, Petronel MAY, John BOSOUGHAN, John CLEMOW,
Symon MICHELL 1682 St Leven Mary
Thomas MICHELL 1729 Gwennap Mary(w) Richard,Thomas, William MICHELL, Sarah(d)
Thomas MICHELL 1708 Gwennap Elizabeth(w)
Thomas MICHELL 1621 Morvah Robert , George & Israel(s), Jennet & Abigail(d), James, George & Thomas(g-s), Hanniball
Thomas MICHELL 1649 Gewenn Christian & Nicholas MICHELL
Thomas MICHELL 1649 Gwennap Christin & Nicholas MICHELL
Thomas MICHELL 1765 Breage Thomas & James (s), Bridget(G-D), George BLEWETT, Charles TRELAWNEY, Mary RICHARDS(d), Hjane BAILEY(d), Elizabeth FREEEMAN(d), Sidney RICHARDS(sil), Robert BAILEY(sil), William FREEMAN(sil), Samuel POLKINGHORNE
John MICHELL 1734 Gwennap Frances(w), Charles FLEETWOOD
Scipio MICHELL 1741 Gwennap
Samuel MICHELL 1786 St Tudy Matthew michell BANKER, Cmcr Matthew MICHELL, Christopher MICHELL, Rev Thomas Michell, Mrs Ann ONSLOW, Thomas MICHELL
Robert MICHELL 1711 Zennor Ann(w), Robert(s) Samuel(s), Anne HAWKING(d), John HAWKING, Matthew(g-s), Elizabeth JENNINGS, Mary OSBORN, Martin GWENAP, Nicholas HOSKYN(sil)
Israel MICHELL 1645 Zennor Phillipa(w)
George MICHELL 1696 Zennor MargARET(W)
Thomas MICHELL 1708 Gwennap Elizabeth, wife of Philipp
Rendell MILL 1847 Stoke Climsland William & John(s) Edward rendel MILL, Mary BUDGE(d), John MitchellmoreBUDGE, Elizabeth MILL(d), Hannah & Frances(d), Rendell(s)
Symon MITCHELL 1682 St Levan Mary MITCHELL
Thomas MITCHELL 1621 Morvah Robert, George & Israel(sd), Jennet PERRY(d), George, Thomas & John PERRY(g-s), Abigayle(d), Hanibal(g-s)
John MITCHELL 1672
Lancelot MOCK 1695 Roche Joanas, Nicholas, William, John, Henry PHILLIPS, John ? (Parson), William & James MOCK Joan Knight, Mary Williams
William MOCK 1719 Roche Gilyon, Noble,Hugh, John,Honor, Temperence & Ralph HALLS, Margaret BARRETT, Constance TIPPETY, Margaret KENT, Mary SAUNDERS, John TIPPETT
William MOCK 1719 Roche Julian PHILLIPS(d) Dorcas(d), John(s-i-l), Thomas & William PARSON(?)(g-s) Joan, William& Nicholas PHILLIPS©, John & Henry PHILLIPS(g-s), Dorcas(g-d), William MOCK, James MOCK, Thomas Williams, Joan KNIGHT, Mary KNIGHT, Mary WILLIAMS(s-i-l) James & Grace LUKE
George MOCK 1675 Roche Lidra(Lydia?)(w) Joan & Margaret(d), William(sil), Robert COCK(sil)
John MOCK 1675 Roche Julian(w) James, William, Lancelot & Thomas(s), Elizabeth & Dorcas(d), George(b), Julian SYMONS(d), Mary SYMONS(god-d),Julian MOCK(dil), John MOCK(god-s), Grace MOCK(dil)
Mark MOILLE (MOYLE?) Dec 1680 Gwennap “Brother & Wife”
Mark MOILLE(MOYLE) 1682 Joan(w)
sarah MOLYNEAUX 1820 Falmouth Henry(s) Thomas MOLYNEAUX, Hugh Mason MOYLE, Eliza WHITE(d), Joseph White
Sarah MOLYNEUX Sept 1820 Falmouth Thomas MOLYNEUX Henry MOLYNEUX, Hugh MOYLE, Eliza WHITE, Joseph WHITE.
Grace MOON 3/11/1758 St Mellion Nicholas HODGE, ” Joan’s childres”, Jane’s children”, Elizabeth SKINNARD and her children John, Peter & Mary.
Henry MOON 1/2/1853 St Winnow Nicolas MOON John STEVENS, Samuel NEWTON, Henry, John,  James, Margaret, Elizabeth &WilmotMOON
henry MOON 1853 St Winnow Nicholas(s) Henry, John & James(s), Wilmot Newton(d), Elizabeth KENT(d), MargaRET stevens(D)
Grace MOON 1754 St Mellion Nicholas HODGE(g-s), Joan & Jane(s),Elizabeth Skinnard(s) John, Peter & Mary SKINNARD(n&n)
Raymond Johnson MOORE 13/01/1972 Leicester Lucy Mary & Graham Kirby MOORE, Gwendolen Maud KIRBY, Andrew Howard Paton FOX Nigel Sandford Johnson MOORE, Sybil SPENCE, Diana LEE-BROWNE, Sally MOYES
Raymond Johnson MOORE 1972 leicester Nigel Sandford JOHNSON(s), Sybil SPENCE, Diana Lee BROWNE, Sally MOYES, Lucy Mary(w), Graham Kirby JOHNSON(s), Gwendolen Maud KIRBYAndrewHeard FOX
Richard MORCOM 1876 Redruth Eliza MORCOM
Richard MORCOM 1876 Redruth Eliza(w) John& Richard(s) Eliza(d), AnnINCH(d)
James MORRISH 1785 St Keverne John SLEECH Ann MORRISH, John MAY
James MORRISH 1785 St Lkev Ann(w) John MAY
Ann MOYLE 12/3/1837 Wendron William, Edward, John, Thomas MOYLE, Ann TRESIDDER Martin TRESIDDER, Richard MOYLE
Edward MOYLE 1767 Breage Edward MOYLE Edward MOYLE
Thomas MOYLE 12/2/1827 Wendron Jane MOYLE, John & Edward MOYLE Martin UREN, Mary, Matthew & James MOYLE
Thomas MOYLE 24/6/1848 Wendron Phillipa Moyle-Wife Thomas, John, William MOYLE -sons
Thomas MOYLE 15/12/1845 Wendron Simon MOYLE Thomas, Paul, James, John & Jane MOYLE, Mary SPARGO, Florence KEMP
William MOYLE March 1828 Wendron Ann MOYLE
William MOYLE dec 1826 Wendron William MOYLE – son Frances MOYLE – granddaughter Frances MOYLE-daughter Jenifer MOYLE Peter MOYLE Edward & Samuel Hill MOYLE William Moyle – grandson
William MOYLE 1826 Wendron William(s) Frances & Jenefer(d), William(g-s), Edward(s), Peter(b)
William MOYLE 1828 Wendron Ann(w)
Ann MOYLE 1837 Wendron William, Edward, John & Thomas(s), Ann TRESIDDERE(d) Martin TRESIDDER, Mary PASCOE
Wedwain MOYLE 1767 Breage Edward(s), Edward(g-s)
Thomas MOYLE 1827 Wendron Jane MOYLE(w), John & Edward(s) Jane UREN(d) Martin UREN, Thomas & Matthew(s) Mary(d), James
Thomas MOYLE 1846 Wendron Simon(s) Thomas, Paul James & John(s), Florence KEMP, Mary SPARGO, Jane JAMES
Thomas MOYLE 1848 Wendron Phillipa MOYLE(w Thomas, John & William(s)
Gregory NICHOLAS 1871 New Zealand Gregory & Thorn Dennis NICHOLAS Blanche NICHOLAS -wife Richard,Gregory,John Dennis *Joseph NICHOLAS – sons Ruth, Jennette & Minnie(?) NICHOLAS
Hocken NICHOLAS 1643 Camborne Johnson HOSKEN
Hocking NICHOLAS 1761 Camborne John HOCKING Nicholas, Houghton &  Elizabeth NICHOLAS
Gregory NICHOLAS 1871 New Zealand Blanche(w), Richard, gregory, John, Thomas Dennis Joseph & Aaron(s), Ruth, Hennetta & Minnie(d)
Thomas NICHOLAS 1643 St Levan
Thomas NICHOLAS 1641 St Levan
Anthony NICHOLLS 1673 St Just in Penwith Marjory NICHOLLS Frances, Elizabeth,Ann & Margaret NICHOLLS
James NICHOLLS 1689 Gwennap “wife” Elizabeth Ann NICHOLLS
John NICHOLLS 1704 Gulval Margaret NICHOLLS Jane & Marton  RODDA, John & Richard NICHOLLS, John & Margary Richards.
Richard NICHOLLS 1695 Gwennap Em(w), Collan(s)
Thomas NICHOLLS 1744 Gwennap Ann(w), Thomas & michael(s), Elizabeth &Ann(d), John GREY,
Thomas NICHOLLS 1801 Gwennap Richard(s), Jone(w)
John NICHOLLS 1711 Gulval
John NICHOLLS 1740 Phillack
Richard NICHOLLS 1681 Gwennap James, Richard, John& Mark(s), Anthony & John NICHOLLS,
Richard NICHOLLS 1689 Gwennap KathrenNICHOLLS(s) Elizabeth(w), John NICHOLLS, JOHN NICHOLLS, Collan NICHOLLS
Colan NICHOLLS 1691 Gwennap Christopher, John & Richard(s), Margaret POLZOU(?)(d), James POLZOU,  Elinor BRAID(d),  John & Richard(g-s),
James NICHOLLS 1689 Gwennap Alles(w), Alloy(d) Ann & Elizabeth(d)
John NICHOLLS 1661 Gwennap
John NICHOLLS 1704 Gulval Margaret(w), Jane RODDA, Marton RODDA, John Nichols, Hugh NICHOLS, Richard NICHOLS, John Richards, John Richards, Margery Richards, Margaret LUKE(g-d)
Antony NICHOLLS 1673 St Just in Penwith Margaret, Jane,Ann, Elizabeth & Frances(d), Marjory(w)
John NICHOLS 1740 Phillack John(s), jane P….(d), Margaret BISHER(d), Alice CLEMENTS(d), Mary CURNOW(d), John COLLINS, Dinah(w)
Colan NICHOLS 1689 Gwennap Collan(s)
Colan NICOLLS 1691 Gwennap Richard,& Christopher NICOLLS, Margaret & Elinor NICOLLS,  John ?
Collan NICOLLS 1689 Gwennap Colan NICHOLLS
John NICOLLS 1661 Gwennap Margery NICOLLS Joan HONNOR
Henry NOALL 1770 Gwennap Richard & Digory(sons), Elizabeth BARRAT, Ann NICHOLLS & Joan WHITFORD(all daughs)
John NOALL 1763 St Ives Elizabeth(wife)
Ernest George OLD 1927 Glamorgan Edna Aileen(wife)
George OLD 1823 Phillack Jane OLD(wife)
Samuel OLD 1924 Gwi
George OLIVE 1774 Camborne Jemima(wife), Thomas & George(sons), Elizabeth(dau)
Jemima OLIVE 1783 Camborne thomas & George(sons), Elizabeth Nicholls(dau)
Nicholas OLIVER 1790 Gorran Joan Oliver, George MOORE
Oliver OLIVER 1686 Camborne
Thomas OLIVER 1703 St Stephen in Brannel Henry(bro), Matthew& Thomas(neph)
Hugh OLIVEY 1793 Landewednack Margaret & Frances (daus) Thomasine(w), James(bro), Bernard JOHNS, Abram(nep), Richard(bro), JamesBro), Mary (s) in the MOYLE Collection
John OLIVEY 1667 St Keverne Richard Olivey
Bennett OLVER 1608 St Stephen in Brannel Margery BONNER
William OLVER 1612 St Stephen in Brannel Bridgett(dau), Joan VARCOE, Margaret JINKYN & Maryn(sists)
William OLVER 1670 St Stephen in Brannel Brigitt OLIVER, Thomas & Henry(bro)
William OLVER 1839 St Mewan Grace, Thomasine, Mary, Ann, Mary & Fanny(daughs),
John OSBORNE 1758 St Dennis Richard(soon), Mary(wife)
Philomon OSBORNE 1737 St Dennis Dorothy & Consatance(daughs), Stephen DYER(son in law)
Elizabeth Emma OULD 1911 Hayle Francis James & Samuel HOCKING(bros), Jane(Aunt)Kathleen Rosewarne OULD, Daisy OULD
Richard OULD 1833 Uny Lelant Joanna Oiuld
Samuel OULD 1881 Phillack Thomas GRYLLS Catherine(wife), Kate, Martha, Francis & Elizabeth(daughs)
David PASCOE 1640 Wendron
Erasmus PASCOE 1722 St Ives Mary HAWKEY(dau)
John PASCOE 1610 Wendron
William PASCOE 1669/70 Gwennap Brionay(wife)
Allen PASKOE 1643/44 Wendron Elizabeth(wife)
Martin PASKOW 1633 Wendron
Martyn PASKOW 1633/34 Wendron
Ralph PAULE 1686 Sithney Thomas & William(sons), William(g-son), Mary(dau), Katherine
Ambrose PEARCE 1746 Breage Anne(wife), George(bro)
Amy PEARCE 1802 Lelant Mary SIMONS(sis), Elizabeth Richards, Elizabeth QUICK, Samuel DANIELL  a lot unreadable
Ann PEARCE 1746 Breage Thomas & Henry JOHNS, Mary
Bennett PEARCE 1690/91 Breage Henary(son)
Dorcas PEARCE 1800 Lelant Mary Simons(sis), John QUICK, Elizabeth RICHARDS, Amy QUICK
Henry PEARCE 1804 Lelant Elizabeth HALL(wife), JamesPEARCE
Henry PEARCE 1707 Lelant John PEARCE Jane HARRY & Catherine JOB(daughs), Henry(g-son)
Henry PEARCE 1746 Lelant Mary(wife)
James PEARCE 1764 Lelant William, John & Henry(sons), Elizabeth (neice), James(g-son)
John PEARCE 1903 St Agnes John Common & William Thomas PEARCE(sons) John Pearse & Joseph YELLAND (g-sons), Edith Jane PEARCE(dau in law)
John PEARCE 1758 Uny Lelant
John PEARCE 1748 St Keverne
Nicholas PEARCE 1710 Breage Jonathon & Steven(?)(sons), Margaret & Catherine(?)(g-daughs) letters of administration
Richard PEARCE 1747 Helston Elizabeth(wife)
Richard PEARCE 1661 Breage John(son), Charles(g-son)
Richard PEARCE 1630 Gwennap
Richard PEARCE 1717 Sithney
Thomas PEARCE 1706 St Ives Elizabeth(wife), Henry(son), Anne(dau)
William PEARCE 1720 Breage Catherine& Elizabeth(daughs)
William PEARCE 1731 Breage George PEARCE
William PEARCE 1720 Breage William (son), Alice(wife), Joan & Mary(daughs)
John PEARSE 1747 Lelant Catherine(wife), Elizabeth, Mary, Amey & Margaret(daughs)
John PEARSE 1732 Lelant Henry & John(sons), John(g-son), Ann(dau), Elizabeth(g-dau)
John PEARSE 1637 Uny Lelant Honor PEARSE(mother)
William PEARSE 1826 St Ives Jenefer Truscott PEARSE
Edward PEDLAR 1734 Wendron Edward(son), Honer(?)(dau)
John PEDLAR 1734 Wendron Edward(bro), grace & Honnor(sists), Edward(father), Mary(mother)
Francis PENAHALURICK 1679 Stithians Elizabeth(wife)
Alexander PENALUNA 1685/86 Wendron Mary & Elizabeth(daughs)
Elias PENALUNA 1660 Constantine
Peter PENDARVES 1698 Gwinear Ann & Katherine(daughs in law)
Richard PENDARVES 1706 St Columb Major William ARUNDELL(cou), Hugh BOWDEN(cou), William PENDARVES
William PENGELLY 1862 Madron Thomas ROBERTS(son) William(son)
David PENLEASE 1683 Penzance William(bro)
Constance PENROSE 1696 Gwennap Richard(son), Jane, Barbara & Alice(daughs)
Richard PENROSE 1651 Feock Thomas & Hugh(sons), Margaret, Jane & Grace(daughs)
Henry PENTIER 1737 Gulval Thomas, Henry & James(sons), Jane & Honor(daughs)
Henry PENTYRE 1691 Towednack Honner(wife), Elizabeth(dau), Thomas(g-son)
Benedict PERRY 1662 Wendron Marseay(wife), Bennett, John & William(sons), Mary(dau)
Bennett PERRY 1608 Wendron Elizabath PERRYL
William PERRY 1691 Wendron Mary(wife), Richard(son), Dorothy & Ann ROBYNS(daughs)
Gregorie PHILLIPPS 1658 Phillack Ann & Joan(daughs), Richard, John & Thomas(sons)
James PHILLIPPS 1708 Perranarworthal Ann & Grace(daughs)
Matthew PHILLIPPS 1727 Zennor Elizabeth(wife), Joan, Phillis & Elizabeth(daughs)
James PHILLIPS 1646 Zennor Alice(wife), Matthew(son), Jane(dau)
James PHILLIPS 1666 St Just in Penwith
John PHILLIPS 1639 Zennor
Matthew PHILLIPS 1628 Zennor Francis PHILLIPS & Matthew(sons in law), James &Thomas(son), Judith(goddau)
Methusulah PHILLIPS 1713 Stithians William(son)
Sandrey PHILLIPS 1648/49 St Just in Penwith Thomas(son)
Thomas PHILLIPS 1645 Zennor James(bro), Jane & ? (sists)
William PHILLIPS 1655 Crowan Ann & Robert PHILLIPS
Richard PIDGLEY 1802 London formerly Falmouth William GEORGE(servant), Phillippa(niece)
wILLIAM POOLEY 1735 Helston (ann, Elizabeth & Honour(Sists in law)
jOSEPH RALPH 1676/67 New Zealand
Christabel RAWLING 1655 Gwennap administration
Matthew READ 1740 Penzance Mary, Loveday & Joan(daughs)
John REED 1688/89 Stithians James & Walter(sons)
John REED 1789 Gwennap Mary(wife), Maria(dau), Jane REED(mother)
Thomas RENFRY 1737 Perranuthnoe Francis, William & John(bros)
George RENODEN 1744 Zennor Sarah(wife)
John RENODEN 1798 Towednack John(son), Jane, Willmot, Sarah & Catherine(daughs)
Roger RENODEN 1746 Towednack Catherine(wife),Roger(son), Elizabeth, Catherine & Mary(daughs)
Thomas RENODEN 1798 Towednack Alles(wife), Roger(bro)
George RENOWDEN 1738 Bodmin Olliver(son), Honour & Elizabeth(sists), John RENOWDEN(cou)
Thomas RENOWDEN 1761 Zennor Margaret ROBERTS(wife)
James RETALLACK 1765 St Wenn Jane(wife), John & William(son), Elizabeth &  Frances (daughs)
Charles RICHARDS 1723 Illogan Constance & Honour(daughs)
James RICHARDS 1737 Breage Mary(wife), James(son), Ann(dau), John(g-son), Elizabeth(g-dau)
James RICHARDS 1738 Breage George ALLANSON Richard EDWARDS, Grace EDWARDS
James RICHARDS 1745 Germoe Thomas RICHARDS, Walter RICHARDS
James RICHARDS 1720 Germoe
John RICHARDS 1655 Thomas DIRHAM
John RICHARDS 1726 Breage Jane, Elizabeth & Mary(daugha), Margaret RICHARDS( sis in law)
John RICHARDS 1702 Illogan John(son)
Nicholas RICHARDS 1635/36 Gwennap Thomas RICHARDS, Walter RICHARDS
Peter RICHARDS 1731 Breage Mary DOOBLE(sis)
Richard RICHARDS 1730 Breage Grace RICKARD, William RICKARD, John RICKARD
Richard RICHARDS 1685 Breage Thomas, Richard & Robert(sons), Alice(dau) Bond of Administration
Thomas RICHARDS 1712 Breage
Edward RICKARD 1696 St Enoder Thomas (son), Phillis & Elizabeth(dau)
John RICKARD 1690 St Enoder Thomas RICKARD
Richard RICKARD 1781 St Keverne Oliver(son), Mary BOULDEN, Grace ROSKLILLY, Jane JAMES & Ann RICHARDS (all daughs)
tThomas RICKARD 1682 lad Magdelene(wife), Edward(bro), Thomas(son), Phillis & Elizabeth(daughs)
Edward RIPP 1662 Tregony
Anthony ROBERTS 1689 Paul Robert(bro), Ann(sis)
Catherine ROBERTS 1819 St Keverne Margaret(niece), Mary HOSKINGS(sis in law)
James ROBERTS 1718 St Keverne Mary(wife), Jane(sis), Jane WILLIAMS, Anthont WILLIAMS
John ROBERTS 1684 St Keverne Margarett(wife), John(son), Janis & Mary(dau), Benjamin
John ROBERTS 1660 St Keverne Maria & Julian (daughs), Edward(neph)
John ROBERTS 1881 St Keverne William Luce(son), Thomas Hosking(son), John(son), Anne PRIOR(dau)
Nicholas ROBERTS 1708 St Keverne Margaret WILLIAMS(dau), Mary & Elizabeth(dau)
Peggy ROBERTS 1841 Kea Thomas Edward & John (sons)
John Stephens RODDA 1833 London formerly Falmouth
Emily Chalmers ROGERS 1894 St Stephens by Saltash William ROBERTS
John ROGERS 1864 St Stephens by Saltash Samuel (son), Amelia(dau), Josephm RAWLING(son in law)
Samuel ROGERS 1887 St Stephens by Saltash William Rogers RAWLING& Fred Avery RAWLING (nephs), melia (sis)
William ROGERS 1899 St Stephens by Saltash Emily ROGERS Dora Moreton& Florence LONGBRIDGE(daughs), Emily(wife)
John ROSEWARNE 1820 Gwinear William BOND John(son), Phillis& Elizabeth(dau)
Agnes Victoria ROUNCEFIELD 1982 St Ives John EVANS William(spouse), Doreen BOLITHO(dau)
Albert ROUNCEFIELD 1958 Hayle Ruth(wife), William (sonb), Samuel(son), Cecil Thomas BAGG
Andrew ROUNCEFIELD 1949 St Ives Samuel & Ruth ROUNCEFIELD Ruth(wife), Samuel(son)
Arthur Richardson ROUNCEFIELD 1986 Bristol Mary Maureen ROUNCEFIELD(wife) Sarah Charlotte(dau)
Daniel ROUNCEFIELD 1946 St Ives Viola Harding STEVENS Edith Jane(wife),  Hilda, Bessie,Edith, Vera, Viola, Olive & Nora(alldaughs)
Elizabeth Hannah ROUNCEFIELD 1962 St Ives Phillip ROSCORLA(son)
Elizabeth Janet ROUNCEFIELD 1981 Wellingborough Peter James(spouse)
Gladys Clara ROUNCEFIELD 1944 Whitchurch, Glamorgan Samuel(spouse)
Henry Faull ROUNCEFIELD 1968 St Ives Philip RESCORLA(bro)
Humphrey ROUNCEFIELD 1966 St Ives Ellen Berriman ROW, Edward Thomas PARKIN
Humphrey ROUNCEFIELD 1931 St Ives Lilla Maud(wife)
Isabell ROUNCEFIELD 1958 St Ives Isabell SLUGG(dau), Edward Stevens SLUGG
John ROUNCEFIELD 1992 St Ives James Andrew ROUNCEFIELD(son) & Margaret Elsie STEWART Margaretta CASLEY(wife), Margaret Elsie(dau)
John Welton ROUNCEFIELD 1990 St Ives Roger Thomas John & Christopher Charles(sons) Elsie Kathleen(wife)
Lilla Maud ROUNCEFIELD 1958 Sheffield formerly St Ives Mary Elizabeth LISTER(dau) William (son), Lilian NOALL & Kathleen VIVIAN(daughs)
Margaret Cocking ROUNCEFIELD 1922 St Ives William FAULL William, Henry & Humprhey(sons)
Mary Berriman ROUNCEFIELD 1953 St Ives Humphry(son)
Nora Elaine ROUNCEFIELD 1977 St Ives John GARDNER(spouse)
Peter Gardner ROUNCEFIELD 1959 Bristol Grace Thelma(wife) John EDWARDS, Rupert TIPPETT, William COUSLEF, Frances LUCK, John CORNISH
Philip Abercrombie ROUNCEFIELD 1989 St Ives Janet Lucy(wife)
William ROUNCEFIELD 1987 St Ives Berresford John EVANS, John STEVENS Agnes Victoria(wife), Cooreen BOLITHO(dau)
William ROUNCEFIELD 1907 St Ives Lydia(wife), Andrew & Daniel(bro)
Richard ROW 1762 Camborne Elizabeth(wife), George & James(sons), Jane(dau)
John ROWE 1664 Camborne Barbara Agnes(?)(wife)
John ROWE 1729 Camborne Dorothy & Honnor(?)(daughs)
John ROWE 1789 Camborne John(son), Anne
John ROWE 1796 Camborne Margaret(wife), John
John ROWE 1789 Camborne Richard & James(bros), Barbera & Mary Barret JAMES(sists)
John ROWE 1833 Lanivet William, Thomas & John (sons), William POLLARD, Charlotte(dau)
Philipo ROWE 1777 Camborne Elizabeth(wife), Philip, William & Andrew(sons)
Richard ROWE 1802 Camborne George & John(bros),Philip(bro)  Elizabeth (sis in law), Philip(son)
Thomas ROWE 1754 Camborne John SLEECH Edward
Thomas ROWE 1817 Sithney James James, Elizabeth TONKIN
Arthur RUNDELL 1727 Stoke Climsland Honor(sis), Thomas, Mary WEBB
John RUNDELL 1638 Stoke Climsland Margaret(wife), Richard(son)
Richard RUNDELL 1695 Stoke Climsland Elizabeth(wife)
Daniel RUNDLE 1846 Stoke Climsland Elizabeth(wife), John(son), Jenny RICE(fdau)
Edward RUNDLE 1843 Stoke Climsland Daniel(father), Daniel(bro), John(nep)
Nicholas RUNDLE 1847 Callington Henry & Richard RUNDLE John & Edward(bro), Thomas, Walter & Richard(nephs)
Nicholas RUNDLE 1801 Stoke Climsland Mary(WIFE), Nicholas(son)
Pasco RUNDLE 1849 Stoke Climsland Phillipa LAW(sis)
Paul RUNDLE 1603 Stoke Climsland
Richard RUNDLE 1761 Stoke Climsland Elizabeth(wife)
Richard RUNDLE 1781 Stoke Climsland Mary(wife)
Wlliam RUNDLE 1787 Stoke Climsland John SLEECH Eliazabeth(wife)
John RUSSEL 1627 Perranuthnoe Elizabeth(wife)
Thomas RUSSELL 1736 St Erth John & Charles(bros), Elinor(sis), John(nep)
George Blamey SALMON 1937 Carnon Downs George Blamey SALMON(son), Mildred Hannen ANGILLY(dau)
Edmond SAMPSON 1676 Gwennap William (son), Parwill(?)HARRIS(dau), Mark(g-son), Katherine & Hope(g-daughs)
Edmund SAMPSON 1760 Gwennap Jane ROBERTS & Elizabeth WATTS(daughs)
James SAMPSON 1677 Gwennap William(bro), John HARRIS, Mark SAMPSON
William SAMPSON 1791 Gwennap Jane SAMPSON
William SAMPSON 1731 Gwennap William(son), Barbara(dau), Benjamin(g-son)
Samuel SANDERCOCK 1716 Kea Mary & Martha(sists), Jacob SANDERCOCK, Nicholas BREMBLY, Elizabeth LORRY, Ann ALLEN
William SANDERS 1757 Camborne Charline or Cathrine(sis)
James SANDICKE 1616 Gulval
Ezekiel SANDOE 1687 Redruth Henry SANDOE
Mary SANDOW 1742 Feock Elizabeth & Honour SANDOW Peternell STANAWAY(sis), John & Thomas SANDOW(g-sons), Hugh STANAWAY
Walter SANDRY 1784(?) Gwennap Ann MOYLE(sis), John MOYLE & William CURTIS(neps),Mary CURTIS(niece), Martha MORCUM
William SANDY 1743 Cardinham Jane & Ann SANDY(g-daughs), Joseph, William & John SANDY(g-sons)
Thomas SAUNDERCOOMBE 1722 Ruanlanihorne John TRESISE
John SAUNDERS 1730 Car Mary(wife), William, Nicholas, John & Richard(sons)
William SAUNDERS 1825 Perran ar worthal Ann(wife),Ann BRAY & Mary PEARSE(daughs), John, Joseph, Walter, George & William(sons)
John SCAWDEN 1641 Liskeard Emma(wife), JohnSCAWDEN, Elizabeth(dau)
John SCAWDEN 1701/02 Probus
Richard SCAWEN 1686/87 Probus Mary SCAWEN(mother), Antthony SCAWEN
Emma SCOWEN 1663 Liskeard
John SHUGG 1673 Gwinear Elizabeth(wife), Jarvis & John(sons), Elizabeth & Jane(daughs)
John SHUGG 1743 Gwinear John & Thomas(sons), Elizabeth(dau), Jane(g-dau)
Blandie SIMONS 1673 Wendron Margery(dau), Ralph TRELOWER, Elizabeth PERRY
Margarett SISELL 1720 Gulval Henry & John(sons), Marie Berriman, Martha RANDOLPH & Elizabeth BENATS(all daughs)
James SISLEY 1838 St Ives Ann(wife), Elizabeth & Mary(dau)
William SISLEY 1764 St Ives Catherine(wife), Elizabeth (dau), Bridget VIVIAN
Loan SLEEMAN 1692 St Columb Minor William(father), William (bro), Ann(sis)
Richard SLEEMAN 1670 St Columb Minor Elizabeth(wife)
Robert SLEEMAN 1654 St Columb Minor
Robert SLOMAN 1692 St Columb Minor Phillis & Frances(daughs), Rowland(son), John(g-son)
John STEVENS 1783 Lelant Elisabeth(wife), Amy, Mary Ann & Agnes(daughs)
James SYMONS 1728 Breage James & Walter(sons), Ann(wife), John, William
James SYMONS 1704 Breage
John SYMONS 1723 Gwennap John(son) Faith(wife), Alice, Mary & Welizabeth(daughs)
John SYMONS 1633 Wendron Jane &Alise(sists), Thomas & Michael SYMON
John SYMONS 1713 Breage Janis & Alice(daughs), John(son)
John SYMONS 1718 Breage
Ann TAMBLYN 1830 Broadoak Francis, John & William(sons),Ann & Mary(daughs)
Frances TAMBLYN 1840 St Pinnock Jane HAWKEY
Francis TAMBLYN 1851 Lanreath Ann CORNISH(dau), John(g-son_, Jane & Ellan(g-daughs)
John TAMBLYN 1846 Cardinham Ann & Joseph HAWKEY Ann(dau), Francis(bro), John(g-son)
John TAMBLYN 1826 St Agnes Frances(mother), Mary TREGEA(sis), Jenefer COOMBE
Sampson TAMBLYN 1815 St Agnes Frances(mother), Elizabeth & Jenifer(sists)
William TAMBLYN 1840 St Agnes Sampson, John & James(sons), Ann TREDENNICK(dau)
John THOMAS 1850 Sithney Ann(wife)
John THOMAS 1675/76 Camborne Christian(dau)
John THOMAS 1675 Gulval Elizabeth(dau), John(g-son)
John THOMAS 1838 Breage Elizabeth(wife), John(son)
John THOMAS 1850 Wendron
John THOMAS 1706 Gulval
Nicholas THOMAS 1700 St Buryan Jane(sis)
Richard THOMAS 1843 Camborne Ann(wife)
Richard THOMAS 1835 Wendron Mary THOMAS
Philip TOKER (TUCKER?) 1654 Gwennap
John TONKIN 1744 Kenwyn Catherine TONKIN
John TONKIN 1663 Newlyn
Michael TONKIN 1842 Paul Elizabeth, Jane, Ann & Susan(daughs)
Michael TONKIN 1742 Kenwyn John TONKIN, Joan, Alice & Susan(daughs)
Alexander TREGIAN 1716 Helston Francis CARTHEW, Francis HAWKINS, William COODE Alexander & Christopher TREGIAN, Bernard TREGIAN
Grace TREGIAN 1704 Mawgan
Henry TREGIAN 1703 Mawgan
John TREGIAN 1616 Kenwyn Margaret(dau), Humpry
Oppy TREGIAN 1609 Kea Thomas TREGIAN William & Thomas(son), Jane & Christian(daughs)
Oppy TREGIAN 1609 Kenwyn William PENROSE, Richard PENROSE, William(son), Constance & Christian(daughs)
Richard TREGIAN 1720 Kenwyn William TREGIAN John, Richard, Gregory & Margatt TREGIAN
Sibella TREGIAN 1624 Charles(bro), Katherine, Catherine & Dorothie(sists), Thomas LEVENTHORPE
Thomas TREGIAN 1517 Truro Margaret, John & Peers TREGIAN Jane, Thomysen, Sir Raynolde TREGIAN
Thomas TREGIAN 1724 Warleggan Thomas TREGIAN Richard TREGIAN
William TREGIAN 1637 Kenwyn Nuncupative will
Matthew TREGONNING 1601/02 Gwennap
Nicholas TREGONNING 1614 Gwennap
James TREGURTHA 1844 St Buryan James, Richard, Nicholas Edward & Thomas(all sons), Ann JAMES & Elizabeth(daughs)
Edward TREGYAN 1612 Kea
John TREGYAN 1627 Crantock Margaret(dau)
Thomas TREGYAN 1623 Kenwyn
Joihn TREHEARNE 1627/28 Rock
Jone TREKEANE 1605 Roche John(bro), John(soninlaw), Florence & Margery(sists)
John TRELOAR 1702 Wendron Humphrey, Thomas & John(sons), Dorothy & Margaret(daughs)
John TREMAINE 1765 Constantine Richard(s) Avice,Christian, Elizabeth, Jane Richards, Catherine VIVIAN, Prudence TRESIDER, Mary WATTS & Ann DUNSTONE(all daughs)
Cvuthbert TREMAYNE 1655
Humphrey TREMBATH 1816 St Just in Penwith James(s) Mary(w),Richard(s), Ann RICHARDS, Richard, Simon, James& Humphrey(g-sons), Anne & Amelia(g-daughs), William CHENHALLS, Mary WILLIAMS(d)
William TRESIDDER 1704 St Keverne front cover only
Abraham TRESILIAN 1700 St Ives Thomas(bro) Sarah Lanyon(s), Thomas(neph),John(bro), Mary JENKIN(s), Ann TRESILIAN (niece), Joan(s), Catherune HAWKING
Elizabeth TRESILIAN 1787 St Buryan James Chambre CORKER, Benjamin PENDOR betty PENDOR(god-d), Mary, grace, Peggy & Ann PENDOR(g-neice), Grace PENDOR, John TRESILIAN, William TREFUSIS, Henry GEORGE, John Rodulphus & Rachel REICHRENBORG, Hannah & Betty VIGORS, John & Elizabeth VIGORS, Joanna JENKINS(s), Harriet PAYNTOR, Catherine GIBBS, Rebecca, John DAIO, Jane PASCOE
James TRESILIAN 1663 St Buryan
Joan & Ann TRESILIAN 1793 St Buryan William HARVEY Constance(sis in law)
Nicholas TRESILIAN 1672 Gulval Elizabeth(w), Henry, John & Francis(sons)
Richard TRESILIAN 1721 St Buryan Mary(wife), Mary(d), James(s0, John(g-son), Martha(d in law)
Richard TRESILIAN 1700 St Buryan Abraham(bro) Thomas(bro), Joan, Catherine, Mary JENKIN & Sarah LANYON(all daughs)
William TRESILIAN 1621 Newlyn East
Gregory TREVITHICK 1712 Sithney Christian(w), Christian(d), Gregory(s)
Gregory TREVITHICK 1749 Sithney William Trevithick
Henry TREVITHICK 1727 Sithney Benjamin UREN, Richard UREN
Robert TREWARTHA 1712 Gwennap Robert TREWARTHA(f), Phillipa(w), William & Robert(s)
Robert TREWARTHA 1716 Gwennap Collan(s), Ann MITCHELL(g-d), William & Robert TREWARTHA
William TREWARTHA 1694 Gwennap Margery(w), Margaret(d), Mary M…..(g-d), William (s), Sebastian TREWARTHA, Robert TREWARTHA
Richard TREWERN 1683 St Levan Elizabeth(w), Henry, John & Francis(sons)
Humphrie TRIGEON 1636 Sancreed Marjorie & Elizabeth(daugghs), Thomas(son)
Fidiswood TRIGGS 1676 Cury
Sarah TRIGGS 1710 Cury Sarah & Ann(d), Sarah KEMP(g-d), Phillipa KEMP
Thomas TRIGGS 1676 Cury Fydiswood(w), Thomas TRIGGS
Charles TRUDGEAN 1690 Gwennap
grace TRUDGEN 1657 Mawgan in Meneage Margaret TRUDGEN Richard & John TRUDGEN
John TRUDGEN 1667 Mawgan in Meneage Richard & Henry TRUDGEN Nuncupative will
William TRUDGEN 1859 Halton(Canada) William, Humphrey, Rebecca,Eliza& Amelia Born in Sancreed, died in Canada
Anthony TRUDGIAN 1829 St Austell William & Thomas(son), Mary ,Elizabeth & Ann(daughs)
Anthony TRUDGIAN 1746 St Stephen in Brannel William TREGIAN, Elizabeth TREGIAN, Wiliam TRUDGIAN
Elisha TRUDGIAN 1854 St Stephen in Brannel Elisha & Jacub(sons), Mary Ann(dcd), Elizabeth, Rachel & Hannah(daughs)
Elisha TRUDGIAN 1884 St Stephen in Brannel Thomas TRUDGEN(s), Harriet(wife), Ellen & Emily(d), Joseph Charles(son)
John TRUDGIAN 1537 Wolvedon,nr Probus Jane(dau), John & William(sons), John Thomas
John TRUDGIAN 1770 Sancreed John(?), Richard HARVEY, Sam HARVEY
Samuel TRUDGIAN 1808 St Stephen in Brannel Samuel & James William, Anthony & Edward(s), Richard & Elizabeth MITCHELL(d)
Thomas TRUDGIAN 1720 St Stephen in Brannel Elizabeth & Thomas TRUDGIAN John & Katherin TRUDGIAN
William TRUDGIAN 1720 St Stephen in Brannel Elianora(wife), Thomas, William & John(sons),Mary, Elizabeth & Ann(daughs)
William TRUDGIAN 1789 St Stephen in Brannel George MOORE
William TRUDGIAN 1752 St Stephen in Brannel William, Samuel & John(sons)
William TRUDGIAN 1616 Kenwyn
Elisha TRUDGIAN 1884 St Stephen in Brannel Thomas(s) harriet(w), Ellen & Emily(d), Joseph & Charles(s)
Peter TRUDGION 1667 Constantine
William TRUDGION 1728 Penzance Elizabeth TRUDGION(mother) Letters of Administration
James TUCKER 1677 Breage John(s) Thomas, Thomas &  Elizabeth (d) GUY, G…. & Katherine TIPPETT(d)
Joseph UDY 1813 Luxulyan Grace(w), Richard TRELEAVEN,
William UPTON 1571 Devon Mary
John UPTON 1641 Lupton Dorothy(w)Anne, Rebecca & Bridget(d) Arthur(s),Elizabeth UPTON(dil)Gilbert HODY, John HODY, Elliner(d), Philipa(d) Gertrude(d)
Amy UREN 1816 Lelant Jennifer HAYES, George BEUSTOW(?), Richard Hosking
Amy UREN 1816 Lelant Clement UREN
Amy UREN 1636 Lelant Margaret YOUDEN, Jane YEO, Stephen HARRY, James HARRY, Christen HARRY
Andrew UREN 1815 Illogan Robert(son), Elizabeth ANGOVE & Catherine RICHARDS(daughs)
Benjamin UREN 1818 Plymouth Elizabeth Priscilla CASSILI(neice), William RICHARDS, William UREN
Charles UREN 1816 St Ives Bridget MOORSHEAD, Catherine MOORSHEAD
Clement UREN 1659/60 Lelant Elizabeth(wife), Thomas(son) Walter, Henry & Symon(sons),
Clement UREN 1731 Lelant Dorcas PEARSE(dau), Stephen(bro), Elizabeth & Prudence(sists), John PEARSE(g-son)
Clement UREN 1745 Illogan Elizabeth(wife) Tibena(?)(dau)
Clement UREN 1811 Lelant Amy(dau), James ROBERTS, Solomon MARTIN
Edward UREN 1758 Lelant Christian, Hugh STEPHENS, Richard UREN
Edward UREN 1703 Gwinear
Elizabeth UREN 1718 St Marys, IoS Robert(son), Marjery JAMES & Eliza EDWARDS(daughs)
Elizabeth UREN 1825 St Ives Richard, John & William CALLOWAY(nephs)
George UREN 1735 Lelant Mary (wife), William & John(sons), Mary & Grace(dau)
Henry UREN 1791 St Ives Blanche UREN & Sybella UREN(nieces)
Henry UREN 1683 Lelant Anne(wife)
Henry UREN 1790 Wendron Sampson(bro) Bennett(bro), Elizabeth MOYLE(sis)
Henry UREN 1810 St Ives Mary(wife), Matthew CURNOW, John CHELLEW
James UREN 1833 Ludgvan Ann(wife), Willia& Edwin(sons), Jane, Christiana & Mary Ann(daughs)
James UREN 1835 Germoe Elizabeth(wife), James(son)
James UREN 1841 Phillack Charlotte(mother), Charlotte GOLDSWORTHY(dau)
James UREN 1847 Landewednack Ann(wife), Willia& Edwin(sons), Jane, Christiana & Mary Ann(daughs)
John UREN 1718 Madron Christopher(bro), Elizabeth HOSKIN  & Prudence STEPHENS(sists)
John UREN 1723 Lelant Alice KITTY John(son), Elizabeth(g-dau), Thomas KITTY
John UREN 1728/29 Lelant Elizabeth(wife), Thomas(son) John(son)
John UREN 1732 St Ives Elizabeth(wife), Thomas(son) Francis, Avis NOALL(dau), Jane NOALL & Jane UREN (g-daughs)
John UREN 1734 Lelant Margaret(wife), Margaret & Honor(dua), John & Christopher(sons)
John UREN 1768 Lelant Christopher(bro) Henry(bro), Honor & Margaret(sists)
John UREN 1778 Lelant John(son), Henry HOSKING, Stephen NEWTON
John UREN 1808 Lelant Thomas(son)
John UREN 1809 Camborne Margery(wife), William & Thomas(bros), Elizabeth GLASSON(sis)
John UREN 1820 Paul Jane(wife), George(bro), Jane & Elizabeth RICHARDS(g-daughs)
John UREN 1820 Gulval James(son)
John UREN 1807 St Ives James(son), Jane ROWE(dau)
John UREN 1853 Gulval William STEVENS
John UREN 1859 St Ives Grace(wife), John(son)
John UREN 1625 St Clement Christopher, Edward, Tobias & James(sons)
Margaret UREN 1762 Lelant John(son) Henry & Christopher(sons), Hoinor & Margaret(daughs)
Mary UREN 1828 Camborne Mary TREWREU(?)(dau)
Mary UREN 1828/29 Illogan William UREN & Stephen VIVIAN(nephs), Mary Ann GRIBBLE, Elizabeth VIVIAN & Jane LAITY(nieces)
Richard UREN 1750 St Ives Sibella(wife)
Richard UREN 1876 Lelant Elizabeth(wife)
Richard UREN 1822 Madron Mary(sis), ElizabethCLARK(sists)
Richard UREN 1835 Lelant Catherine(wife)Thomas & Tobias(sons),Catherine, Margaret &Ann(daughs)
Richard UREN 1842 Gwennap Samuel PARTRIDGE , James TRETHOWEN Joseph, Thomas & Samuel(sons), Jane ARTHUR(dau)
Sampson UREN 1825 Manaccan Francis Tregonning(dau), Sampson & Thomas(sons)
Sampson UREN 1863 Camborne John(bro)
Stephen Francis UREN 1818 Illogan Ann(wife), William(son),Mary Ann(dau)
Symon UREN 1690 Lelant Clement(son) Symon(son), Margery, Elizabeth & Jane(dau)
Thomas UREN 1679 Kea Jane(wife), Elizabeth & Ann(daughs), James(son)
Thomas UREN 1787 St Ives Richard & Henry(sons), Alice(dau)
Vincent UREN 1761 Ludgvan Martin DAVY, William COPPIN
Vincent UREN 1833 Lelant Jane(wife), William & James(sons), Jennifer(dau)
William UREN 1810 Phillack Matthias & Stephen(sons)
William UREN 1840 Perranuthnoe Alice(wife)
William UREN 1842 Plymouth Susanna(wife), Benjamin & William(sons), Selina Jane(dau)
William UREN 1824 St Ives Grace(wife)
William UREN 1870 Illogan Bathsheba(wife), Joseph(son)
UREN PCC wills at Chanchery Lane
James URIN 1779 Gwennap James, Richard & Thomas(sons), Mary(dau)
John URIN 1614 Helston Cicill(wife), William(neph), Elizabeth ANGOVE(sis)
William URIN 1592/93 Dorset Thomas(son), Joan &  Edith(daughs), William(son)
Nicholas URNE 1595 Wareham, Dorset Joan(wife, John & Robert(sons), Joan(dau)
Richard URON 1725 Gwinear Elizabeth(wife)
John URYN 1625 Truro Christopher, Edward, Tobias & James(sons)
John URYN 1680 Helston Henry(bro) William & Paul(bros)
Sampson URYN 1602
Simon(?) URYN 1659 Gwennap Henry URYN
William URYN 1667 Helston John, William & Paul(sons), Elizabeth(wife)
John VACY 1630 North Tamerton Jane& Joseph WELLS,  Edward& John(s), Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine, Frances & Eulalia(d)
Francis VAGUE 1886 Bodmin  John Alfred(n) Catherine ROWE(s), Jane & StephenSYMONS, Richard (b),
Francis VARCOE 1764 St Dennis John & Richard (s), Frances, Mary Anne, Susanna,  Annet(?)
John VARCOE 1763 St Dennis Mary(w), John,  James, Thomas & William(s), Grace GRIGGS & Mary VARCOE(d), Mary VAGUE(g-d), John Varcoe (g-s)
Robert VARCOE 1781 St Dennis Alice PHILLIPS(s-i-l), Margery(s), Robert PHILLIPS, William(b), Joan PHILLIPS, Ann HOAR, Ann(w), John VARCOE
Ann VERMAN 1674 Lamorran
George VERMAN 1613 Lamorran Edin(w), Jane(d), Thomas WARD(s-i-l), Agnes(d) John(b)
John VERMAN 1606 Lamorran Mary BEST(sis), John LAWRENCE(n), Jane & Agnes VERMAN(g-n) John(godson)
John VERMAN 1659 Lamorran John(s0 Katherine(w), Hugh George & Samuel(s), Jane & Anne(d), Elizabeth CROCKER, Dorothy n& Samuel CROCKER
Samuel VIAL 1857 Camborne Honor(d)
Philip VINCENT 1737 Redruth William(s), Charity(w), Thomas VINCENT
Lady Elizabeth VINCENT 1645 Sir ArthurACKLAND(h), Lady Elizabeth ACKLAND(dil) Susan (g-d), Francis(g-s) John(s), John, Robert & Hugh(g0s)
James VINCENT 1699 Jane COUCH(d), Reginald COUCH, Elizabeth(w)
Thomas VINCENT 1652 Liskeard Elizabeth COODE(d), Katherine BLIGH(d), William(g-s), William BLIGH(sil), Blanche VINCENT(d)
Philip VINCENT 1737 Redruth Charity(w) Thomas, Philip & William(s)
Alice VIVIAN 1672
Amy VIVIAN 1685 John(h)
Frances VIVIAN 1689 London
Frances VIVIAN 1692 Cosworth
Francis VIVIAN 1674 St Columb Major
John VIVIAN 1589 Trelowarren
John VIVIAN 1587 St Columb Major
John VIVIAN 1691 St Columb Major Mary(w) Francis(b), John & James(s) Mary(d)
John VIVIAN 1725 St Columb Major Ann & Leech(?)(d), Jane BRANFIELD(?)(d), Richard VIVIAN, EdwardVIVIAN, Thomas(s)
John VIVIAN 1684 Padstow Grace GABLING, Henry RICHARDS, William RICHARDS, Grace, Stephen & Alice RICHARDS
John VIVIAN 1692 Camborne John, Robert, Francis, William & Stephen(s), Elizabeth(d) Agnes(w)
John VIVIAN 1607 Perransands Ralph(s), Barbara(w)
John VIVIAN 1638 Banwell, Somerset
Joseph VIVIAN 1680 London Jacob, Daniel, Abraham & Isaac(b), Martha, Sarah, Hannah & Elixabeth(d), Isaac(fath)
Matthew VIVIAN 1665 Advent Dorothy, Julian & Mary(d), Matthew(s) Julian(w), Richard(s), Francis(b)
Olive VIVIAN 1663 St Columb Major Richard & Michael(b)
Rev Richard VIVIAN 1709 St Ervan John, Thomas, Richard & William(s), Bridget& Elizabeth(d)
Richard VIVIAN 1665 Meer, Wilts Joan VYIAN(sis), James RIDDLE(s-i-l)
Richard VIVIAN 1676 Tavistock Maria(d), Frances(w)
Richard VIVIAN 1659 St Austell William(s)
Thomas VIVIAN 1690 London Jane(s), Thomas(u)
Thomas VIVIAN 1631 Crantock Digory, John & Thomas(s), Margery, Christian, Jane & Anne(d), John(b),Elizabeth(w)
Thomas VIVIAN 1734 St Columb Major Mary(m)
John VIVIAN 1574 John CUSGARNE©, Thomas & Ann(d)
Daniel VIVIAN 1671 Beds
Peter VIVIAN 1691 Stepney Joane(w)
William VIVIAN 1760 HMS Ramilles Joan VIVIAN(m)
Ann VIVIAN 1776 Falmouth Walter VYVIAN(b), Hannah, Mary & Ann(n), Thomas
John VIVIAN 1764 Camborne Julian(w), John(s), Johnson(b), Mary, Julian, Ann, Elizabeth & Ann(all d), James(s)
Michael VIVIAN 1631 London
John VIVIAN 1584 Gerrans Thomasine(d), Elinor(w), George PASCOE(bil), Stephen(b)
Thomas VIVIAN 1558 John VIVIAN(b)
John VIVIAN 1665 Stepney/HMS Bonaventure Joane(?)(w)
Thomas VIVIAN 1784 Marylebone John(b), Sarah(s)
Elizabeth VIVIAN 1667 Thorpe Achwick Alise(d), Christopher & John(s),  Mary & Knighton(d), Christopher(h)
Humphrey VIVIAN 1660 Higham Ferrers, Northants Katherine(w), Christopher & Daniel(s)
Christopher VIVIAN 1663 Thorpe Achwick Elizabeth(w), Christopher & William(s)
Elinor VIVIAN 1670 Dorset
William VIVIAN 1679 Elizabeth
Francis VIVIAN 1716 Gwithian Margory, Clarinda, Christian & Sarah(d), John(s), Christian(w)
John VIVIAN 1692 Camborne William,John, Francis & Johnson(s) Elizabeth(d), Agnes(w)
Richard VIVIAN 1655 St Columb Mjr Thomas VIVIAN, John VIVIAN, John VIVIAN, Frances VIVIAN, Pascoe(?)(b) Richard VIVIAN(n) + many others
John VIVIAN 1506 Padstow John(s), Johanna(w), Johanna & Margaret(d), John TREGONWELL
John VIVIAN 1590 Trenoweth John(s), Alisse(w0 Pascoe VIVIAN, Johane & Emlin(d)m Thomas(s)
Roger VIVIAN 1657 Allippo, greece Sir Richard VIVIAN
John VIVIAN 1759 Falmouth Rumbelow(s), Digory VIVIAN, Walter VIVIAN
Thomas VIVIAN 1768 Falmouth Walter(F), Ann, Hirmah & Mary(s), Rumbelow©, Margaret©
Peter VIVIAN 1691 Stepney Joane(w)
Isaac VIVIAN 1684 Binfield, berks Maria(w)
William VIVIAN 1683 Hever, Kent William John VIVIAN(s), Mary, Frances, Elizabeth, Margaret & ellen(d), Godden ROGERS
Thomas VIVIAN 1691 St Martin in the Fields
Christopher VIVIAN 1686 Weldon, Northants Mary(w), Rev William FOWLER, Richard SHEPPARD, Christopher & Shppard (s), Anne(d)
Johane VIVIAN 1654  Tavistock John HAWKING, Jane PIE, Digory HUSKLE, Mary JEWELL, James & Phillip JEWELL + others
William VIVIAN alias HUGGARD 1785 Dorset WilliamVIVIAN(s), William LOCK
Barbara VOSPER 1658 Kea Prudence(d-i-l), Grace &Ann(g-d), John H….(s-i-l), Arthur, Reginald, James & John(g-sons), Mary(g-d)
Edward VOSPER 1693 Plymouth Elizabeth, Mary & Jane(d), Dorcas(w)
George VOSPER 1733 Plymouth Elizabeth(w)
Grace VOSPER 1741 Plymouth John(h)
Henry VOSPER 1661 Tavistock William WILLCOCKS(s-i-l), Dewne(d), Henry WILLCOCKS(g-s), Henry(s), Joan(w)
James VOSPER 1758 Saltash Mary(w)
John VOSPER 1653 Illogan Reginald(g-s), Grace, Anne & Jone HAW…(g-d)
Joseph VOSPER 1733 Buckland Monachorum Robert PARKER(b-i-l) John & Rebecca PELLAR,
Mary VOSPER 1733 Tavistock John Kempe, Frances(d), PatienceEDGCUMBE, Patience BROWN & Ann MORGAN (g-d), Peter SARGEENT(h), David NEWCOMBE(g-s) Honor PEARCE(d), Francis, James & John NALLITT9g-s) MaryNALLITT(g-d), Frances RUNDLE(sis), Katherine & Ann PEA…(g-d)
Richard VOSPER 1593 Liskeard
Richard VOSPER 1731 Bradworthy Richard & Nicholas VOSPER
Stephen Francis VOSPER 1613 Liskeard Alice
Thomas VOSPER 1648 St Germans Oliver(s), Thomas(g-s)
Thomas VOSPER 1640 Trewen Elizabeth(w)
Richard VOWELL 1499 Wells William(s), Margaret(w)
William VYELL 1591 Trevorder Jane(w), Nicholas PRIDEAUX(s-i-l), Grace, Elizabeth & Christian(d), Roger VYELL
Thomas VYVIAN 1610 Merther Johanne(d)
Michael VYVIAN 1639 Phillack Michael VYVIAN(n) Thomas MITCHELL(serv), Andrewartha(serv), Sir Richard VYVIAN(n)
John VYVIAN 1617 St Winnow Olive(?)(s)
Michael VYVYAN 1676 Phillack Loveday, Grace & Elizabeth(d), Henry(s-i-l), Grace(w), Roger POLKINGHORNE
Sir Richard VYVYAN 1666 St Columb Major Mary(w), Arabella,Elizabeth, Cordelia, Diana & Anna(d), Charles(s)
Richard VYVYAN Trenoweth Richard(s)
Richard VYVYAN 1691 St Keverne John VYVYAN, Julian(w)
Julian VYVYAN 1687 St Keverne Richard(h), Anne(d), John,Richard& William(s) Tristram VYVYAN, Petronel(d), stephen, George, Martha & Mary TREGOSSE
sir Francis VYVYAN 1636 Trelowarren Hannibal(b), Richard(s)
Roger VYVYAN 1667 London Ann(s), Thomas GREATBACH
John VYVYAN 1578 Petworth Thomas TAMSON, Tamsyn TURGES(/)(s), Robert & Willim(b), Richard PARILES(bil)
Haniball VYVYAN 1608 Trelowarren Philipa(w), Roger TREMAYNE, Francis(s) Elizabeth RASHLEIGH(dil) and many others
sir Vyell VYVYAN 1697 Trelowarren Jane(w), Vyvyan PEARSON(n0, George ROBINSON(n), Loveday VYVYAN(n),Charles(n), Anne(n),John VYVYAN(n), Richard TREWREN(n), Vyvyan ROBINS(god-s), Cordelia TREWREN(s), Diana PEARSON(s),Anne(s0, Robert HOOKER, Richard VYVYAN(n)
Francis WALLIS 1695 St Levan William ROUNAULD(sil), J….(d), Nicholas(s), Nicholas WALLIS(g-s)
Maud WALLIS 1680 Gulval Richard(s)
tHOMAS WALLIS 1842 Mousehole Margaret(w) JohnThomas, William & Thomas Albert(s), Mary & Grace(d), Martin WRIGHT, Charles JACKA, John CLEMANT, Nathan McCLARY, Elias GLAYSON
John WALLS 1848 St Austell Henry & David Frederick & MatthewTREVAN(n)
John WATERS 1847 Sithney Loveday(w), William, Thomas, James, Samuel Samuel, William & Richard(n), Thomas, Samuel & William(b), Samuel WATERS, John(g-n), Francis GLUYAS(bil), Joseph & Johanna MATTHEWS, Lydia & Mary(n)
John WATTERS 1818 Breage Elizabeth(w), Thomas, james, Henry & Willam(s)
Elizabeth WATTERS 1853 Crowan Elizabeth BOSANKO(n)
Hjohn WATTERS 1846 Crowan Martha JENNINGS(s) Thomas JENNINGS
Richard WATTERS 1855 Crowan Phillipa GREEN(d) Frederick GREEN, Edward WATTERS, Joseph WATTERS, Jane & Grace BODDY, Elizabeth RICHARDS
John WATTS 1833 Port Isaac Frederick & Matthew TREVAN(n) Ann(s), Adolphus& Henry TREVAN(n), John ChalkTREVAN(n, Isaac TREVAN(n)
Barbara WEARNE 1668 Kenwyn William CORK© WalterCORK© + others
Henry WEARNE 1638 Wendron Barbara(w), Anthony, Symon& Henry7(s), Elizabeth , June & Peternell(d)
Margorie WEAVER 1721 St Levan Mary TONKIN (s)
Robert WEAVER 1708 St Levan
Robert WEAVER 1702 St Levan Margery(w)
Margery WEAVER 1720 St Levan Mary TONKIN (s)
Mary WEBBER Thomas POPE, Wiliam STACKHOUSE, George BROWNE, Mary, John & Nicola TREF, Jonathon PHILLIPPS (n) Mary WEBBER, Gertrude ROBBINS, Mary STACKHOUSE, Barbara STACKHOUSE, Joseph WEBBER, Ann SMITH
Henry WEBBER 1762 St Kew ThomasPOPE, William STACKHOUSE
Henry WEBSTER 1927 Bodmin
Francis WEEKES 1666 Kea John & Alexander(S), Mary, Kath & Ann(d), Jane (w)
Mary WEEKES 1682 Probus William WILLIAMS(f), Richard(h), William & Richard(s)
Christian WHITE 1711 Lelant Thomas & Elizabeth DYER(D) Margery P….(d), Richard(s), Amy & Honor(d), Margaret NICHOLS?) (d) Elizabeth HOGG(dil), John(g-s), Elizabeth(g-d)
James WHITE 1747 Lelant Richard,  John & William(b),Thomas  & Elizabeth CURGENVEN (d) Honor(m), Elizabeth(s)
Jenet WHITE 1606 Gwithian
John WHITE 1667 Camborne Janet(d), Thomas
John WHITE 1674/5 Gwithian
Thomas WHITE 1692 St Keverne
Thomas WHITE 1734 St Keverne
William WHITE 1747 Lelant John & Richard(b), Margaret WHITEsil), Thomas CURGENVEN(sil), Elizabeth CURGENVEN(d)
Richard WHITFORD 1740 Gwennap Richard, William, Emanuel(?) & Christopher(s), David ROGERS(sil), James EUSTIS(sil) Elizabeth(d) John SPARGO(sil), Dorothy RICHARDS(d), Catherine(d), William T….., Anne(w)
William WILLIAMS 1844 breage Mary(w), William KITTO(bil)
Alfred Ernest WILLIAMS 1943 Kelly Bray Stella BABBAGE(d) Alfred Henry BABBAGE
Anthony WILLIAMS 1656 Gwennap
Edward WILLIAMS 1657 Gwennap Thomas WILLIAMS(g-s), Elizabeth(d), Thomas STEPHENS, Margarett STEPHENS(d)
Humphrey WILLIAMS 1639 Gwithian
Roger WILLIAMS 1732 Wendron Mary(w)
William WILLIAMS 1841 Breage James WILLIAMS, Uriah WILLIAMS
William WILLIAMS 1844 Breage Mary(W) , William KITTO(bil)
William WILLIAMS 1828 Crowan Mary d), Zachariah(s) Elizabeth, Martha,Arminal, Grace & Ann(d), William, Henry & James(s)
William WILLIAMS 1843 Crowan John & James(s)
Zenobia WILLIAMS 1706 Redruth Katherine(d), Richard & Edmond(s), Samuel(s)
James WILLIAMS 1850 Camborne Mary(w)
John WILLIAMS 1690 Phillack Jane(w)
John WILLIAMS 1733 Gwinear Elizabeth(w)
Nicholas WILLIAMS 1731 Wendron wife Nicholas, Steven & Francis(s), Elizabeth, Charity & Rosamon(d)
Digory WILLIAMS 1655 St Stephens by Saltash Elizabeth(w), Agnes GATHCOMBE©, Elizabeth(d)
Thomas WILLIAMS 1655 Crowan Richard(s) Thomas, Robert & John(s), Gabriel SOMMERS(sil_, Katherine(d), Thomas TYZACK
William WILLIAMS 1703 Treworgy John(b)
Catherine WILLS 1829 Bodmin James(s) John & Richard(s), Elizabeth CATER(d), Kitty BLAIR(d)
George WILLS 1801 Bodmin Catherine(w) John, George & Richard(s), Elizabeth(s), Kitty(d), Catherine(w)
James WOOD 1671 Wendron William & Henry(s), Elizabeth & Margaret(d),
Richard WOOD 1610 Wendron
William WOOD 1691 Wendron Margery
Arthur WRAY 1633 Callington Hay William(b), Richard & William LAYNE, John ROWE
Sir William WREY 1634 Trebigh William(s) Elizabeth(w), Elizabeth & Mary(g-d)Edward(b), William & John (n)
Thomas WYVEL 1631 Marywellscombe Joane(w), Thomas WILLS(g-s)Michael(bil), Peter WILLS 9step-s), Elizabeth )step-d), Margaret TREDINNICK, Thomas VEALE, Ann MARKE, JOAN & FRANCES marke, Francis WILLS(g-s)
William YOURON 1711 Gwennap Jane(wife), William, Ambrose & Richard(sons)
Edward YURYON 1685 Towednack Alice(wife), Gillian TAYLOR(dau), Richard & Henry(sons)
John 1647 Trewan Mary(W), William & Jane CASELL(f&m-i-l) Anne & Mary(d) Joan TREFRY, Thomas(s) + others