The Days Pass Like Shadows: First World War Servicemen of St Buryan, St Levan, and Sennen by Judith Piper


This book tells the individual and family stories of well over two hundred Great War soldiers, sailors, and airmen from the Land’s End parishes. In 2014, the centenary of the outbreak of that conflict, the author embarked on what was to be an eight-year project. But this was never intended as another history of World War One – and is not –  as the writer’s particular interest is the interaction between local and family history. Born as she was in Penzance, the geographical focal point was always going to be West Penwith, but, more specifically, it is the extreme tip of the peninsula, the home of many of her forebears and where she has also lived for many years. THE DAYS PASS LIKE SHADOWS. The title is a free translation of the Latin inscription on the sundial above the porch of St Levan Church. In varying amounts of detail, it tells the individual and family stories of over 200 men. This A4 book  has 7 introductory pages, 425 narrative pages, 22 pages of appendices, bibliography references and indexes, and includes over 400 photographs. This book is being sold by the author at almost cost price (£29.59 per book) with the excess being donated to the Royal British Legion.

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